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this is what your going to need, i used yellow braid just for the pics. i would use a 20lb main line and a 17lb. leader for fishing in the vedder.

slide the two rubber tubes on your main line (this is the line on your reel) OR use a sliding float.

slide your weight and beed on to the main line, then tie on a good quality swivle.

tie your leader to the end of your swivle. place a small single split-shot just past half way on your leader, this will ensure that your hook wont flip back and catch on your main line when you cast, it will also help your hook get down where you want it faster.

insert the ends of your float in to the two rubber tube pieces on your main line, it helps if you spit in the tubes to make the float slide in to the tube easier.

trim the lead to desired weight. in fast water your going to need a heavy (full) weight and large float, in slower water your going to need less weight and smaller float. finnish the hook with desired wool colour or roe sac and your ready to go.

adjust your weight to float ratio until just the coloured part of your float is just sticking out of the water for optimum proformance.
imagine my hand is the water level, thats how much float you want to be showing when fishing.
good luck <*)))><

i will also be posting a, how to set up a bar rig post with pics and tips before the fraser opens on the 16th.

Great stuff.
I use hollow weights and put them in line above the leader.

last year on the river, somebody showed me how he inserts the pencil weight into a surgical tube attached to the line. It's attached in a way so that it's adjustable/moveable up and down the line. I, of course, forgot how this was done and looked for a youtube video and can't find one.

Hi Abe, for Chinook can i use any color of wool? What color would you recommend?

YZ125> see my post called, Selecting your wool

Imo those floats suck,u need to use tons of weight to get them to sit properly in the water. Dne's are cheaper and better or for a little more $ cleardrifts or drennans. Its all personal preference though and when your flossing it doesnt really matter. Ans yes you can floss float fishing
sugar magnolia

Instead of the pencil lead use split shot,gets the line down alot quicker.

but the idea is you don't get snagged !
i've used both pencil lead and split shot methods. depends where you are fishing. i am going to keep abe's tip of the split shot on the leader in mind when casting long, such as on the thompson. i have used sugar mag's suggestion there as , like he says it gets the hook down.
when fishing "runs" like on the vedder this might also be a good idea ( i have used that method in the past as well on the vedder)but when fishing some of the pools on the shuswap river, especially the first mile from mable lake , the pools are 20 to 25 feet deep. the current is very strong. the hook/bait go where the current takes it. getting down is not the necessity, it is keeping the line as tight as possible yet letting it drift. pencil lead is the only way in those conditions. i fish with a lot of old timers who have fished the river their whole lives. they use a lot of weight to keep control .

What size hook should be used for July salmon fishing? I have some #1's and #2's. Sure is awesome and says alot about you that you take the time to help others. Your articles are helping me alot thanks ABE.

hotwheels> i would use a 5/0 hook for chinook, but you could use anything from a 2/0 and up I've even heard of guys using 8/0 hooks, so when it comes to hooks you should try a few and find out what works best for you. i would just make sure that you use a good quality hook that wont staighten out on you, i like to use gamagatsu or mustad hooks.

Thoughts on braided line? Does it scare fish? It looks like you use it in your example. Forrest green ok w/ a longer leader?

I think he just uses whatever works best for his pictures or at least he did in his knot tying thread. A moderator needs to make a sticky for beginner fisherman with stuff like Abe's how to threads. Yes then rookies like me won't ask the same questions a million others have already asked. It would be awesome!!!

I use braided and love it. But I do use a blood knot and attach 20 feet of floro-carbon on the end.

braided can be usefull in some circumstances float fishing but it can be a pain. i have quit using it myself.

Why would it be a pain? Ive been using braid for main and leaders and works well for me, i see no defects of braided line other than the fact that it is more expensive < doesnt really matter, and that the ends tend to split. My 2 cents

i was just using braid because it shows up good in the pics. i like to use maxima mono line for my leaders.


i have to dissagree with you i find braid is veryy easy to untangly rather than mono or floro

Great tips abe, I really value your posts. I am new to fishing the Shuswap river for chinook (I usually fish the Bella Coola and Atnarko river for Coho and pinks). With this chinook setup that you have outlined, could I substitute a spin-n-glo in place of a hook with roe/yarn? What would you suggest? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

martys> if you plan on using a spin and glow you should see my post called "how to set up a bar rig". I hope that will help you out.

but, most of the water he will be fishing isn't your typical bottom fishing. there are some places in the lower river but most of the pools are 20 to 30 feet deep, currents swirling all over. the shuswap river is more like the vedder at flood stage (as far as amount of water goes ) when it is normal. now it is even higher!

I am from buffalo ny, and fish for salmon and steelhead alot in the spring and fall. I dont seem to catch them as well as other fishermen, I saw your set up for catching them and will give them a try. I think my problem was I had to much weight on my line and the bait was down to low.

the title should say "for river fishing". that set-up won't hold a candle to the flasher/teaser-head and anchovy when trolled behind the cabin-cruiser.

agree completely.
I switched all my rods to braid many years ago.
i'll attack fluoro to the end when visibility is an issue.
but the thing i'm really hating about braid is it's tangling. not even so much in the reel(which is a big pain), but more when it tangles around the rod-tip when any slack at all is given.
another thing i'm starting to hate, is the noise it makes running through the eyes, mainly the tip. I've heard some brands are quieter than others though.
something else i've wondered, is the possible wear on the eye.

without question though, it's strength and small diameter is awesome.

I will only say one thing about the setup that i do different. Just to keep a good thread at the top.
Instead of using pencil weight i prefer to use multiple split shots from big to small in the water.
this prevents the fish from seeing the pencil weight at the same height as the bait but just in front of it. so it is more of a curve from the float. instead of a 90 degree angle.
It also has less drag in the water so their is no air pockets behind which the pencil weight does.
Oh and i'm a mono guy, to fluorocarbon guy.
i have a hard hook set and have ripped a couple hooks out of the lips of fish.which isn't good for them.

Great thread. I do however prefer using DNE foam floats instead of the Cleardrift or drennan floats as they don't need as much weight to balance them. other than that, a great setup!


Fishing forum > the best set-up for salmon fishing


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