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I've read lots of good articles about this subject so far. The only part im missing is learning how to find a good spot to set up and fish. I realize that its best to wait for high tide, but what parts of the river am I looking for? I will mostly be fishing just east of the mission bridge and Chilliwack.

Thxs for your time!

Have a look at the fishing spots link and look for anything with the name "bar" attached.
then look for the main flow of the river...then look for a deep trough or seam as it's sometimes called.
no need to cast out too far 15-45ft out is usually lots.It's all about placing the rig in the seams where the fish travel.
if all else fails...look for others...introduce yourself...and ask nicely how and where it's done.Most bar fishers are motor laid back than the flossers. most are happy to chat.


Fishing forum > Bar Fishing


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