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Eat the rich

Hey Guys I'm looking for an outboard ,about 15 to 25 hp. I've tried Craigslist and figured the forum might be a good way to find one through word of mouth. If you know of anything let me know.
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Have a 1975 - 15hp Johnson, parents bought it brand new and used it all the time when i was a kid. Was used a few years ago and ran good. Started this year in bucket and starts, pumps water, runs but when you throttle down it tries to die a little bit, maybe just a carb clean as it sat for a little while, not exactly sure, when i give it gas runs fine but when i try to idle it tries to die, My other 70hp Johsnon was doing the same thing this year and i sprayed carb claner in there and solved the problem. Don't need this motor any more and its taking up room at the moment. Seen em posted for around 600-1000. Make an offer and could be yours.
Eat the rich

hey I'd totally be interested! I have a 12ft flat bottom it's going on, just wondering if that would be good enough for the Fraser river from Mission to ferry island in Rosedale, I know the area like the back of my hand but it was always in someone else's boat. I'd mostly have me and another person on my flat bottom maybe a 3rd but it would be rare. Not sure if you know that area well?

there is a lot of water coming down the river. the bottom is changing constantly. 3 people in a 12 ft plus the other factors spells disaster
Eat the rich

I wasn't thinking of right away as my boat needs some work and I wouldn't even touch the river at this point due to the poor conditions, I was thinking when the river has dropped like early to mid August, I guess I should of mentioned that, and now that I think of it there probably wouldn't be 3 people, 2 people with a bit of gear.
Failure to Launch...

I had it mounted on a 10' flat bottom jon boat and was able to do circles around my buddy in his 16' with a 70hp on it while heading upstream. Hauled a**, like stupid fast. Bunch of times took it to go fishing and ended up cruzing around having fun with my buddy due to how it went. Like i said, hasn't been on a boat in 2 years but i ran it last summer in a barrel, and this year i pulled it out and ran it in a garbage can with no problems beside it wanted to die when you idled down. Dirty carb im thinking. Forgot to mention, last year replaced, pull cord, pull spring, pulled leg apart cleaned, checked seals. last month bought new plugs for it as well. Had plans to put it on a 12' aluminum but ended up getting bigger boat and now have a 30hp. Don't know if you can or how to PM on this site, but leave if you want your email address and i can send you some pics or video link of it running and we can chat from there. Like to see it go to someone who will use it rather then let it sit in my garage. Have to many toys !! lol
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Forgot, on a 12' flat bottom will haul amazing with two guys and gear. 3 guys still should go great, my friend has a 12' flat bottom with a 72 9.9 Johnson and me and him with gear on plain up the fraser no problem.
Eat the rich

here's my email

If you could send me a video or some pictures that would be great!
Failure to Launch...

Sounds good, will let you know when i get a video and email it to ya, may have to give me a few days tho as work is insane busy right now. But will for sure this week.
Eat the rich

Hey just wondering if you got a chance to get some pictures or video of that outboard
Failure to Launch...

hey sorry, was out all weekend on the big muddy chasing some sturgeon... Did manage a nice 7'8 tho, put up a hell of a fight. I will be pulling the motor out this week and setting it up to make a video and get you some pics. Will hopefully be able to get these to you before weds. Sorry for the delay... sturgeon called and of course... i ran.. lol
Eat the rich

No prob perfectly good excuse!

Hi, i am selling my 2004 Yamaha 15 horse, Brand new condition. Just been serviced. Come take a look at it, i can fire it up, its pull start. Price 2300$
Thanks Ivan!

I would be leery of 15hp on a 12 ft boat with 3 men in it on the Fraser. I have a 12ft ungava with a 2007 9.9 yamaha 2 stroke and with me and the boat it will do 34 kph as per gps. The boat is rated for 15hp and I regret not spending the extra for 15hp. Not all 12 ft's are rated 15hp. The ungava has a 61 inch beam. I guess what I'm saying is to me, two people in a 12 ft is enough, 3 just means more people, more problems. Just hope those problems aren't bigger problems than they need be. Ed
Eat the rich

Thanx for your opinion Ed . As I said above , it most likely wouldn't be 3 people. I think majority of the time it would just be me and occasionally a second person. That's for your thoughts they are appreciated.
Eat the rich

Still waitin to hear from you. I would like to look at it soon so if I get it I can work on it. Thanxs
Failure to Launch...

Again.. my apologizes, feel like an a**... will be flying back to BC tonight or tomorrow morning. Got called out to Edmonton for work last week and have been swamped with meetings.

I will definetly get you pics and a video asap. I had my buddy grab the motor from the wife last week and asked him to take sopme pics and do up a video, i msged him yesterdy and he hasn't had the chance too, will be meeting up with him tomorrow after i get back and will get these done for you.
Eat the rich

hey if your not Busy Friday evening would it be easier if could stop by your place and look at it, This way I could take a video of it on my phone, Then I could show the mechanic I know it and if it works out I could take it off your hands this weekend?
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hey, sending pics within a few minutes. Will send video tonight. Buddy took video on his phone and i don;t have it, gonna get him to send it to me when he gets off work.
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Check email, sent pics and details.

Last year i had 3 men in my yamaha g3 v12 with my yamaha 15hp 2 stroke. We easily planed out going up river with 600lb's of human cargo. The g3 is a wide square chine 12'6 aluminum boat.
Eat the rich

still lookin for an outboard guys, let me know what you hear or have !

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