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Author Topic: Fishing for Chinook And Pink On The Vedder.

I am going fishing for pinks and chinook on the vedder on July 16th with my friend. He called the DFO and they said from 16th vedder is open for fishing. Any tips on what to use? He may be wrong i don't know, trying to find out.

There wont be any pinks for at least a month and its the fraser that opens on the 16th. I would suggest going elsewhere where you might actually have a chance of catching something

So on the fraser there wont be any pinks on the 16th?
Thanks for the info

Pinks come on odd years usually around September. Does anyone have a link to a page that shows when different species of salmon enter our watershed?

Read the regs, the Vedder opens for pinks on July 16th too. Don't expect to catch any until at least the third week of August.

A good website to look at is fishingwithrod dot com. It's a great website for newbs, such as me. Spend some time exploring his website which has locations, timelines, suggestions, methods and videos.

I have to agree with beak, There are a lot of questions being asked that can be answered by reading your reg book. If you need one go to any tackle shop or army and navy they are it while you are on the toilet.LOL

Thanks alot guys.

Next time you cross the border, the reg. book is available at the Canadian welcome centers.

It would be a shame to have your gear taken of get fined for something simple. A guy at my work is pretty new to fishing and was all proud when he was telling me about his fishing trip on some river in the lower mainland and how his wife cooked up his trout. I said you know you have to release all wild trout in streams, He didn't have a clue. I told him IF one day you get caught you will be in for a hassle. Considering one of my flyrod setups is worth over 500 i wouldn't want to chance it, took me a long time sneaking all that gear in past the wife.LOL

Fishing forum > Fishing for Chinook And Pink On The Vedder.


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