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22lbs. red spring from the upper river this morning, i got it on orange with white wool.

look at all the fat on her. yumm <*)))><

Nice fish !!!!!!

Nice one. How heavy was the gear you caught it on?

Ya, what # test was your line? Just curious.

Wow Abe, that's nice.
I also caught one on the vedder but it was 18 pounds, and on red wool and a pink corki.
What place or spot on the vedder did you catch this beast?
What is your set up?
Is the fishing good right now?

i was using a float setup with 20lb mono main line and a 17lb leader. i cant say my exact location bacause i would like to fish there again, these fish are few and far between i cant give up all my secrets. i will post a pic of the setup i use maybe that will be of some help to some of you. <*)))><

Oh I was so hoping you would say 5-10 lb...that would be a blast. 20 lb is what I used to use in the chuck for fish like that...

Abe: May I ask what reel you use for 20 # line? Thanks and congrats!

Shimano Cardiff 400A

abe: Thanks. The reel I am currently using max's out at 12#. Might be time to upgrade if my goal is a fish like yours this year. Maybe I'll stick w/ a baitcasting or learn the art of a CenterPin.

i think you might need new berrings in that abu. my reel started to rats nest on me last year when i had 60lb. braid on it, i took it in to Mikes rod and reel repair he put in high speed berrings, carbon fiber drag system and a new worm and paul. that was the best $ i ever spent, my reel just screams now i can launch it like 200+ft. no prob it drifts realy nice too with those berrings in it. im so attached to this reel that i dont even let anyone touch it. i think i will never stop useing this reel i'll just get it rebuilt every couple of years.

Nice fish Abe!

Waiting for your setup.
I have asked sea run fly and tackle and they said it is better to use roe?
I dont knowq im pretty new to salmon fishing and i dont know the exact setup, can you please show me abe?
Much Appreciated.

catch and release????????????

Yes bman, he caught it, brought it to his kitchen because the shore-side lighting was not adequate and his kitchen is brilliantly lit, then he gave it a deep tissue massage (with happy ending) and promptly returned it to the river...

i know that he didnt release it, but he should have. if you did that to anouther human you would go to jail. should be the same with fish.

same as this setup but i wasn't using a jig, i was just useing orange with white wool.
the tackle shops will allways tell you "you need roe" because its a good $ maker for them, i only use roe in gin clear water or as bait on my bar rigs.
when the vedder has that terquoise green look to it "that it has right now you only need wool.

what size hook ?

Thanks Alot Abe.
One more question, would i have a good chance of catching a red Chinook on the vedder right now? or are they very rare?
Thanks again

a 2/0 or 3/0 hook is good for springs.
I would say its rare to get springs this early in the vedder. I've been fishing up there for years and normaly you dont get into springs until mid september.

thanks abe, thats a prime fish . convinced me to make it a day out there. lower or higher im doing it all

abe when you say orange with white wool do you use the two colours together in a bait loop? do you use a corkie at all?
also how much weight do you use? and what type of float.
do you what you bait / wool to sit on the bottom? or where?

thanks for you info abe i really appreciate it.

Abe could i get your personal email?

The river is very high right now. Do not expect to catch anything if you go out before the water comes down in a few weeks. Yes there are a few fish in the river but its almost unfishable. Abe, you shouldve bought a lottery ticket that day

Nice Fish,
Hey Goinfishin, one of the keys to keeping your reels working properly is to keep them well lubricated. I have some reels I have had for over 35 years with no problems of any kind. Beware of repair guys telling you you don't need to lube them! Anytime you have metal on metal there will be wear! I use reel oil on the bearings and reel grease on the gears and pawl. Very carefully take them apart on a table with something to catch any pieces that might come off during disasembly. You don't have to take them completely apart, just take the ends of the reel off so you can get at the insides. Careful to replace the tiny sleaves that will fall off the cross shaft on one end of the spool(Baitcasting reels). I believe the nuts holding the end pieces are easy to identify on your ambassadeur, they have knurled ends on them. I have a couple of old ambassadeurs that are over 20 years old. They work perfect and cast like a dream Get all the grease and oil you can off the outside of the reel as this will attract dirt, sand, and other crap. Another tip for all reels, back off the drag completely when not in use! This relieves tension on the drag spring and will lengthen the life of your drag system.Also make sure the end play tension is set right on the spool(sounds like you got that right), There is an anti backlash adjustment as well as end play adjustment. Tighten the end play on the spool just enough that the spool does not wiggle side to side in the reel, but not so tight that it creates a drag on the spool. Hope some of this info will help!

14lbs leader line should be goood right or should i up it

jspot> 14lb. should be fine for a leader, just check it often for signs of wear.

would a betty work instead of a pencil led ?? and if so what size?

bassmaster> have a look at my post called the best setup for salmon fishing. thats what you want to use in the vedder. good luck <*)))><

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