WAKE BOARD BOATS ON SMALL LAKES just ticks me off! Trying to fish in a smaller boat and having these rude people pull past you 20 feet away and almost sink your boat! People need to show some respect for others on the water! All smaller lakes should have power / speed rules in place! These large boats are un-safe for a lot of smaller lakes!

As a canoer, I totally hear where you are coming from. Especially on the bigger lakes where you are already contending with natural waves. Where was this that you experienced this the most?

i dont think any kind of motor should be allowed on small lakes. it always pisses me off.
i was fishing one lake, and an albertan in his big bass boat ripped by me in my float tube and i got dumped into the lake. thank god for pfds. then the coward wouldnt fight me on shore and he threatened to call the police.

I think you would give my motor a is 2HP and displaces 43cc's.

its still a noisy polluting motor. should be rowing only exept senoirs and disabled can use electric motors.

I would be interested to know your definition of small b_man360. I do agree that all gas motors are noisy and polluting but the newer technology gets around this to some degree. As a matter of safety, while on lakes of a certain size, a gas motor is preferable to electric when the wind get's up. Even on a lake like Yellow Lake even a young strong guy will never row himself out in adverse weather. What is needed is a hp and speed limit clearly posted at all launch points. And get a note of the offending boat registration and a photo plus witnesses if possible.

I'll add here that a properly tuned gas motor runs fairly clean and will not pollute to a degree that will spoil the environment. I wonder if there is a way of redirecting the exhaust to a cleansing chamber before releasing to the water.

bman, after the limited exposure I have had to you, I would probably try to drown you too. Get real troll. I can have a conversation with someone 12' away without yelling, at full throttle. My motor runs 100:1 mix and takes 3-4 hours to consume 1 litre of gas...wait nevermind you're not worth the typing...please take a long walk off a short pier.

- - - - -

As to the great name-shifter, yes it is called a catalytic converter (gas motor) or scrubber (diesel motor). Neither will ever be featured on a 43cc 2-stroke motor. So you figure electric is better for the environment? Maybe, but what energy source did that electricity get generated from? Here this part of the question may be safe, likely hydro-turbines. Elsewhere coal, nuke etc etc. Okay now how much fuel was burned by the support and delivery workers ensuring it came through their infrastructure to your battery charger. On that topic, that (eventually) disposable battery is hopefully getting recycled because it is filled with lead and acid...this could go on and on for the wannabe enviro-trolls...

I'm still waiting for the original poster's response with details...if you guys did not 'jack and ruin this thread too.

Hey, come on Chak, if you want an end to a thread don't reply. So you raise some points and no one can reply bacause you are waiting a point to be replied to?

Name shift was necessary but you would not understand and do not need to, just accept it.

Dumping oil and gas into a lake, however small the quantity, is counter environmentally friendly, whereas manuafacture and disposal of battery materials does do this. It may shift the problem but it is the lake we are talking about here. Modern disposal methods are vastly improved. Do you think about the lake environment when you switch a light on?

If we are allowed to fish let us do this in the most practical, safe and environmentally friendly way.

No Jeff, I did not say that nobody can reply. But it seems like every time someone takes some time and effort to compose a thread with some merit. The gong-show team jumps in there and takes it off track and ruins the thread when you invariably come on and erase half of it. Reply, if it is intelligent, on topic or at least funny.

You are just as guilty of this as half the johhny-come-lately trolls on here. Really you want to wonder aloud about "cleansing chambers" for gas motors in response to someone talking about getting swamped? Post speed limits? Sure I will get right on installing a set of gauges in my canoe... Post HP limits at every launch point? Wow that sounds like a great use of tax payers money. The info is available, most lakes that do feature a restriction do already post it. Why not spend this money on habitat rejuvination and enforcement of fishing regulations.

The name change part, don't really care, just finding it hard to take someone seriously that lacks consistency, keeps sinking to the same level as the one-liner trolls and driving the contributing members away.

I fish from shore, I hike into places. I only got my motor in April and have used about 20 litres of fuel. If you really want to open this can of worms, what internal combustion motors/vehicles do you own. I guarantee my carbon footprint is smaller than yours. No I do not cry every time I turn on a light, I am not one of the ironic eco-warriors that is trolling this board. I do however put a lot of thought into my own consumption of resources and disposal of dangerous products. I just have to call BS when someone tells me an electric motor is 100% clean, because that is just what it is...BS!

Back to my criticism of replies. No I cannot control what people reply with and there will always be inappropriate people and replies...but they should not be coming from the only moderator on here.

So Catch: I hope this hasn't dissuaded you from replying about your specific near swamping because I am still curious to hear about it (or others that want to comment on large boats on small lakes)...


I am not trying to rail on you please do not take what I say too harshly. But I think that sometimes you stir the pot or say something just to be controversial as though you are trying to stimulate more response in the forums. That would be fine occasionally with a slow thread, but to do it all the time I think you are steering things off track and egging on those that we would rather not even hear from. I know the mod job is hard so I am trying not to criticize. But after speaking with you about other topics I find it hard to believe that a good majority of your recent posts are serious...

u call me a troll??? have fun flossing, killing fish and polluting. and your threat of drowning me has been reported to rcmp.

Yes you are right about some things chaka. I am generally 75% serious and 25% provoking but not 100% grumpy like another poster here.

But I am not the only mod, he did make that revelation in another topic, and then there is Alex as well.

Going fishing tomorrow, Okanagan between Summerland and Peachland, see if I have a tale to tell.

Bee-yotch-man AKA Troll, I have never river fished for a salmon in my life, so I am the furthest from a flosser you will find. Killing fish? Yes I do that and then I consume their flesh, most often simultaneously with other people. Although as far as polluting goes, I think your submissions here well outweigh the foulness that my death belching motor produces. I am sure the RCMP will take your complaint with the utmost seriousness...pfft...yeah right, maybe IF a threat was made. I don't think suggesting that I could understand why someone would want to drown you constitutes "uttering death threats". Well maybe if I was aquaman and had the ability to carry a large body of water on my person.

Wait why am I wasting my time?...hope the original poster returns so one recent thread stays on track.

stop calling me a freakin troll. i could outfish you any day of the week and i RELEASE the fish i catch...

Well how about Flosser then? According to your fishing reports the only fish you have ever caught was in the Shuswap and it was a Spring. So did you even take that one in the mouth? I have fished for species of fish and in locations that you would have to Google to comprehend.

Stop acting like a troll and you will be tolerated...or here's a novel idea...even liked. You obviously live in my area, so instead of trolling up negative attention, why not be a contributing member of society or at least this forum and maybe act friendly and go fishing with someone instead of attacking them for asinine reasons that even you cannot possibly reconcile. Maybe you would not have people trying to swamp you if you had a better attitude...

I have shared, learned, compared and befriended since I have been on this site. The net result of that is an exchange of information, pleasantries and perhaps even friendship. I have met 2 interesting characters on here (so far) that I intend to fish with if given the chance. What have you done?

that chinook was caught in mabel lake. caught on a green hoochie and green flasher trolled under a down rigger. not flossed. released into the lake so it can continue its journey to the spawning grounds. wont be doing that fishing again because i think anything but fly fishing with a barbless hook should be banned.

I don't know why this self defending conversation is going nowhere. Go fish together and have fun. You may, at the end of the day, convince one another that you both need to voluntarily go under the water for a while. But please leave a note to donate your gear to charity. It is interesting to note that b_man has, according to his own admission, a past that he does not approve of (downrigger on a row boat), while chaka still waits for a response from Catch:.

And chaka, you can borrow my 18ft fishing boat any time, the outboard is a little smokey at times, but who cares.

And before you take up arms against me (about fishing), I did explain my misdemeanor to the fisheries office.

Okay that's it Mr Jeff, I have reported your threats to the RCMP, SPCA and BCAA... Bwaahaahaa! Thanks for the offer to borrow Old Smokey though. Too bad you live a little far away. I am pretty sure if bman chilled out and ate the next fish he caught his protein deficiency and anemia would recede and he would be able to think clearly and make sense again. They do say fish is brain food. And if for some reason it all becomes too much and I choose to end it all, sorry I think my niece gets my junk, she has shown more fishing aptitude than most of the arm-chair experts on here... :P

Big boats in small lakes? I agree with you however I find that boat operators can too a large degree, control the amount of wake and disturbance they create. My 16'creates very little wake if I get it up on the plane and keep it there. It's the in between speeds that create the big wakes. Unfortunately board boats do this deliberately and should be banned from all small lakes. They have tanks that fill up with water designed to create as big a wake as possible. Not only that, they have speakers mounted high above the water to add to their disturbing effect. These high mounted speakers should be illegal and all boats operated in a manner to create big wakes should be limited to specific waters. If you are a lakeside property owner, imagine the damage that can be caused to docks, tied up boats, and general property erosian! Boat size overall should match the lake size, and yes in some circumstances power boats should be limited to electric power or banned entirely. Perhaps some kind of formula based on traveling time in a body of water from one end to the other would help regulate this! In big waters you need a big boat! Even the lake I frequent the most, blows up in the afternoons and can be dangerous to smaller boats! I try to reduce my envirormental impact by trolling with an electric and only using gas power to go longer distances. I also drift fish when I can. I'm not perfect by any means but I try to act in a responsible manner!

That all makes sense to me...

hehehe you guys are adolescent.

If you drive a car, don't complain about pollution.
If the engine is within the law, too bad.
It's unfortunate somebody would be rude enough to knock you over, hard to believe intentionally. Your complaints have merit, just not in the real (populated) world.

So how is the fishing around Salmon Arm

Actually being annoyed by jet-drives running dry risers is not adolescent at all, adolescent would be thinking that is cool. Doubt all you like, but seeing as we have no idea what your point of reference is, I think we are entitled as paddlers to be annoyed by being swamped. Most ignoramus' that own these type of boats seem to be nearsighted and require a blast-by so close that you barely have a chance to get a long narrow boat turned into their wake before being nearly swamped by it. To criticize 5 different people who all have very different ideas by lumping us all together is moronic at best. We all drive, except probably bman, who likely walks everywhere in his bare feet, organic robes and with a catalytic converter firmly installed in his keister to avoid any emissions... As for your last point, one can be legal while still being completely inconsiderate, belligerent and morally bankrupt.

acualy i have a 1997 ranger (fishing mobile), 1990 f150 with a 460 in it, and a 70 dodge charger with a 440 in it. i dont give a crap about polluting exept for my fishing lakes. the only thing that makes like worth living for me is fishing, and i will protect my lakes with my life.


Kinda like:


Coincidence...doubt it.

they don't need a boat size restriction as they already have some lakes with HP restrictions. As for pollution in outboards there is no way around it. My Yamaha 9.9 runs 100-1 but I run it about 75-1. Sure I could have gone four stroke but didn't want the added weight. If they haven't legislated an end to two strokes yet it's coming but older ones will still be allowed on the lakes. !/2 the time people zooming by in big boats just don't see you. they are too loaded with alcohol. If you really wanna fish with no pollution buy a sailboat, just consider the pollution they made to build it.

"If they haven't legislated an end to two strokes yet it's coming but older ones will still be allowed on the lakes"

arent there lakes in america that dont allow 2 srokes on them? maybe its just in california or something, but i thought i heard this somewhere.

i was just making a coment there buddy

if you were the saviour of the lakes you claim to be you would know there are lots of lakes in bc where gas motors are outlawed.
typical fraudster posing as the saviour!

thanks for the tip captain obvious
Cream Corn

I swear we could really use a "like" button on here

Note to all...reply as you would like to be replied too. No need to be rude.
It just show's you lack of civility.

So Catch: never responded. I wonder why?

so my post was too obvious. how is anyone to know when you are serious or just seriosly dumb. your post about owning all the gas guzzlers/polluters and not caring about the pollution you casue says it all. again, i suggest you are nothing but a fraudster. if you cared about the lakes you cherish then you would realize all your pollution reaches your lakes. when you grow up and get your act together i will be glasd to hear what you have to say. in the meantime do us a favour and go away.then we won't need a "nice pill".
this post started about idiots with no respect towards other users of the water. some people just do not have the brains to operate waterctaft . one of my pet peaves with boat operators comes to play while salmon fishing on the thompson river.
somehow some boat operators failto see half a dozen people fishing from shore. rather than move to the far side of the river these morons stick right close to shore either running over the floats/lines or forcing everyone to real in their lines. as i said, they do not have enough brain power to operate their boats so should be outlawed.

And the shame of it is that the uncaring boat owners will never read this forum. Or if they do will realise that the community here does not care enough about each other and continue with renewed vigor to swamp and inconvenience ALL of us. Way to go buddies.

I can relate to that. I use a 12ft Sevylor inflatable in Indian Arm. On a Sat or Sun there are high powered boats zooming past by like there is no tomorrow. Soon i found out that inflatable handles these wakes with no problem - some in the 3 ft of height range - as long as you dont hit a break wave.

Tourist alert!....Actually gentleman, I have been lurking...and listening for years now and thank you to all who have been sources of valuable information, even if it means wading thru some of the black water that gets posted.
I'll go back to being quiet now and continue to listen and learn.



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