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Hi, I'm new to the Okanagan and this was our first time fishing Kal lake, just from the rocks on Rattlesnake point in Kal Park. Having only ever really caught trout before, my fiance and I were having a little trouble ID-ing our catches! I think his is a Walleye, I have NO idea what mine is. Any help is appreciated! Sorry the picture quality is sort of crappy.

This one was mine.

His was a northern pikeminnow.

I can't see the fish in your pic.

Too dark. Get your mind out of the gutter boys.

This is the only other one I have, the lighting's a bit better, but he started to slip away on me... don't laugh. :P I figured maybe it'd help if you could see the fins.

That would be a Northern Pikeminnow... or if you're oldschool a Northern Sqauwfish

Is a northern pikeminnow related anyway to a walleye?

Nope,answered my own

A walleye has 2 dorsal fins.that is a pikeminnow.

A Walleye also has a small white splotch on the bottom point of its caudal fin. Sauger are very similar and are also part of the perch family. But Sauger tend to be smaller and do not have that telltale white patch that is always present in a Walleye. Now where it starts to get complicated is when you are dealing with a Saugeye which is a hybrid of the two.

What was caught in Kal were NPM or Squaws, we have caught one in Kal also. Usually the stench is enough to assure you of that...

These are pests, although some people may actually eat them. I am unsure, but is it desirable to kill them even if you wont eat them? Methink this may be wrong since they are not invasive.

I do recall the US govt actually will give you cash for killing the buggers in certain areas...

kill em all, squaw fish are a useless coarse fish. thats why you can kill as many as you want , anywhere you want

Again, the ignorance of some in this hole is laughable. pikeminnow are native just like salmon and trout in BC. they're not "useless" at where they live. You and i on the other hand, are useless to mother nature and are pests by removing more salmon than the "damage" pikeminnow can do.

by the way, the limit for pikeminnow is 20. read the regulations instead of keep promoting poaching here.

bass on the other hand, are invasive pest and should be removed from all waters in bc.


looks like a large Pike Minnow to me, in the Fraser Valley the rule is save a salmon, kill a Pike Minnow. As advised by D.F.O. every Pike Minnow I catch from either the Vedder river or Cultus Lake is culled and returned to the water.

why did they just have a squaw fish derby at cultas lake last saturday that had prize catergories for the top 3 people who caught the most fish. It is also used as a means to destroy an invasive species. I believe 1st place caught like 150 ish and 2nd was around 90 fish. so u r saying they have bag limits, well i dont think there are

when i grew up was always told they are to full of bones to bother and was told they more bottom feed so are dirty or not the best tasting things. never met a person yet that kept one

Pikeminnow are not invasive. Their populations are greater in relation to salmon BECAUSE OF HUMAN FISHING. For this reason, there are instances where culling may be appropriate, such as at the Cultass lake derby.
Fish'n BC

Care to elaborate?

I fish Wood Lake just down from there alot and can't stand hooking Pike Minnow. I have to agree, we kill them and throw them back in the lake to feed something else. Saw a Chinese guy back in May fishing from one of the boat launches, he went on to brag about how many Kokanee he caught (8) and was still fishing (barbed hook, corn on the tip). We told him for one thing there's a two fish limit per day for Kokanee there, and secondly those are nasty Pike Minnow. He didn't like our opinions but it just shows how ignorant people are with not reading reg's as well as not spending any time studying their fish ID.
sharphooks moderator

it is true that there are those that will cheat the system. but barbed hooks are allowed on Wood Lake. in fact, you can fish a barbless treble in Okanagan Lake. (although you are correct, their is a 2 fish limit.) if this guy wants to harvest Pike Minnow, let him fill his boots. i presume also that the race of this fisherman was not part of the pertinent facts, just a secondary observation? let's all just watch how we word things so everyone is welcome on our forum.


He was also quite old and senile, didn't mean to single out a single race. I am actually interested in knowing if Asian people like Pike Minnow, or use it for something since I see alot of Asian guys/gals filling their boots with these fish. I just tried to inform him of the Kokanee limits and what they look like, that lake is in such bad shape this year for Kokanee, it's a shame. I wasn't aware you could fish barbed hooks in Woods, I guess it's a habit of ours to always pinch. I cringe at the fact you can use treble hooks in Okanagan Lake...

Asian people in general eat a lot more fish than most of us. Some south asian cultures like the Philippines eat some very pungent Milk Fish quite frequently. So I think that many of those cultures have a more fish-loving palette than many of us have. When I used to river fish out in Edmonton, my fishing buddy and I constantly saw asian people retaining sucker fish, some even having a shore-lunch of it. We on the other hand never thought to retain one (or much of anything out of there for food). Then I did a little research and found that what is marketed as "Mullet" in the states was the same species as one of the sucker we caught frequently when going after Walleye and Pike. I myself find Pike Minnow to be one of the stinkiest fish I have ever tried to wash off my hands, but who knows. Different strokes for different folks...

I don't think the mod was coming down on you so much. Just probably wanting to make sure that people think about how they sound not wanting misinterpretation after the "Racism on the Fraser" thread.

As mentioned above, certain ethnic groups tend to eat things most others won't.

I remember once while I was at my buddy's slaughterhouse, we were skinning a deer I had just shot. Out back of the building is where the guts etc etc of the animals he butchers go. I noticed that there were these two Vietcong ladies out there and they were cutting and emptying the intestines of some Red Waddle Hogs he had just finished with.

I asked them what they were going to do with the "stuff" {yuk} and they didn't speak any english but gave me a big thumbs up and rubbed their bellies. i thought for christ sake, how could you eat that crap but to each is their own I guess.

I love going for Dim Sum, but you won't catch me eating the chickens feet, I aint about to eat something that walks around in shit all day. lollol

The Northern Pike Minnow/ Columbia River Dace aka Squaw Fish has been around for a very very long time. Not too good for table fair but a very fun fish for new anglers to catch be it youngsters or adults.

They do have cull derby's as the species do get out of hand in numbers and can be a big burden on salmon fry.

Do yourself a favor, if you have any kids that want to just catch something, get out any rod you have and what ever bait you can find. It can be anything from pieces of hot dogs to bologne or what ever you can figure out will stay on a hook for a while and head out to where they are in good numbers {you can find this out on many sites if you look hard enough} and watch your kids enjoy the fun, and after a while I'd bet you end up tossing out a line yourself and get in on the action too. :}


i can't believe some were saying those were walleye.
100% squawfish.

and they are an invasive species.
in that they can totally take over a water-system.
they are gluttenous.
there is a reason that washington has a bounty on these fish.

they are becoming absolutely a problem in shuswap.
unfortunately, nobody is recognizing the problem.
they will be responsible for dwindling salmon-fry returns most definitely.

Fishing forum > Help ID this fish caught at Kal!


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