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Headin out fishin tomorrow. Thinkin of hittin oyama lake or beaver lake.. somthing in that area. Any suggestions? Btw, im fly fishin from a belly boat.

let me know how you do . i just posted the same question the other day!
i'd assume it would be like a normal june 1st, not june 20th. the response i got to my post was lots of chironomids hatching in the surrounding area.they usually start hatching heavy around june 1st. usually by this time of the year in this area i have seen huge damsel hatches. with the late and cold spring that is likely still to come. what we need is some hot, high pressure weather to turn the fish wild! hope it is coming. anyway let us know how you do.

If you scroll down a few topics, it looked like Cagey was going too. Wish I could join you guys, just so busy and my car is coming off the road for a while. Guess I'll have to see if my roof racks fit on the g/f's car...

Looks like you beat me to the punch while I was typing there Cagey. So spill the beans guys, did you end up going? I want to at least live this one vicariously because today was my birthday and any fishing plans I had evaporated when I realized I would be stuck working instead...

happy birthday. working................ugh.
i am going to oyama lk on the weekend.
fishing today at wite lk..........really slow! yesterday at woods lk (not the one near oyama!)and caught a couple for dinner (not spawners like on the other post). overall fishing has been slow for me recently. hope this weekend is better.
get that fishing mobile back on the road!

Thanks and I hope to have it back on the road shortly. My g/f just graduated from UBC and funds are a little tight until she gets working too. The one bonus is that if I CAN get my roof racks to fit on her car, it has better ground clearance, so maybe we can get up to Oyama soon too. Hope you have a good one up there...

didn't stay as the weather is so miserable. fought the wind and rain for several hours in my float-tube. lots of little ones biting. lost one that was a decent size. they were biting on small shrimp and damsels. there was a mayfly hatch in one bay which provided some action for my friend. in the end, old age said why fight the rain and wind, drink too many beer and sleep in a lumpy bed when i can come home, so i did. nice lake. i will go back when the weather is nicer!

Yeah it is interesting up there, but the weather can get serious in a hurry even for that size of lake. I remember the last time we were up there, we had gone down into Streak Lake through the marsh and drifted most of the way (with the wind) to the end of Streak trolling. Then we had to turn around to come back, we were doing okay until we hit the marsh again, then the wind and rain really whipped up and it was all we could do paddling, to make headway. I think it took us almost an hour to get from the marsh to the parking lot. Until we got the motor and hit the big lakes, that was our standard for ugly weather.

So I managed to get the roof racks to fit on my g/f's car. So it looks like we might be in action for tomorrow, should we choose to take a day off...

i was fishing near the marshes then decided to head home. was fighting whitecaps and pouring rain. i had to kick hard all the way to make headway!

I was up there yesterday evening for a couple hours and caught 3, and kept 1 for dinner. I was using a froggy apex.

I was up last friday as well and it was glass calm. No one else was up there and fish were biting like crazy but I couldnt keep them on the hook. They were rising everywhere... almost looked like it was raining.

went up last luck. the lake looks like its still turning over. gonna head up again this week possibly and give it another go. my brother got a few on a wedding band, they didnt seem interested in the flies..

Fishing forum > oyama


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