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I'm going on a fishing trip in the fall(big father son thing) so I'm just seeing if anyone can give me some tips for fishing Woods Lake near Falkland. There is always a daily prize and a big prize for the biggest fish caught. We will be trolling and I will be flyfishing from my float tube. Any help will be appreciatted

Are you going to be fly-fishing in your tube? What type of trolling (what gear)? When in the fall?

Trip rules are that only fly gear can be used, I will be trolling and float tubing, we are going to be there in the end of sept 2004, any info would be greatly appreciated because I would like to catch something big during the week.


Please someone must have some info?????

Is it the one you are talking about?


Alex, I don't think so. From what Ive been told it is between Vernon and Kamloops near Falkland. It is called Woods Lake

Please Someone must have some info!!!!!!!!!
The Yak

there's a wood lake near harrison... is that it...? jk

Woods Lake - Woods Lake, 26 ha. (64.2 ac.) in size, can be found approximately 9 km. (5.6 mi.) northeast of Jimmy Lake. Aquatic insects are found in good numbers and fly fishermen will be rewarded by concentrating their efforts on the shoals and drop offs. Woods Lake is stocked with Rainbows and supports trout up to 5 lbs. or larger. A 30 vehicle BCFS with good access and cartop boat launching is available.

is this the lake your looking for...near kamloops?

i heard reports of sasquatch sightings in the area...back in the early 1990's. should be a fun trip chad2. take lots of film heh heh heh!

I think that may be it and if so it sounds like it could be a fruitful trip, Hope I can land the big one for the wee and take 1st prize,$$$$$$. Thanks for the info, do you know what the hatches in sept are for this are???

I was there about that time of year in 2003 i was able to land a few with olive hares ear (streamer), halfbacks and when they don't work the good old black beadhead leach


Has anyone has been up there lately? Planning a Grandpa/Dad/daughter trip on the 31st weekend and wondering about the condition of the road up to Woods Lake? Also, what's the approx. distance, round trip, from Kelowna? We're hoping to make the trip on one tank of gas.

the road into woods is restrictions.
Kelowna is probably 160 km from woods so one tank will do.
fishing should be fine .let us know how you do.

Thanks Cagey,

I'll be sure to take along my camera and post pics.
Any fly pattern recommendations for this time of year?

looking forward


I've only actually fished woods once, about 3 years ago. had a good day. it was about june 1st. gorgeous little lake. I had good luck on leeches, damsels and dragons which is about all I tried . chironomids should be good if you find the right colour/size.

One more question if may Cagey,,,
How did you access the water? I have a 14' prince craft w/a 9.9 motor on a trailer, but when you say a gorgeous little Lake, I thinking this maybe too much and not appreciated by any one else enjoying the lake.

a 14 foot boat should be fine.

Just to be sure …Cagey, could you or anyone else , who's been there verify, that atrailer loaded with 14ft aluminum boat can make it up to Woods lake ( near Falkland / Jimmy lake). and if so, when I get there is there a place to launch it?

I just replaced the bearings, races ,seals in the hubs and put bigger wheels on the trailer.. I'll be pulling it with Ranger 4x4. Just want to make sure it's amore a pleasure than a pain.
Any more help would be appreciated.

not a problem getting it in. the launch is relatively primitive from what I recall but it should be fine.

thanks Cagey!

you might have found nugget lk.
the road into woods has been there for a lot longer than a dozen years. I don't know about 30 campsites at woods as I haven't ever driven to the far end to see but it might have 30. woods lk is smaller than pinaus lk

the old road into nugget was real rough/unpassable. the fishing was very good back then. they keep nugget and jimmy well stocked and they are rich in feed so the fish do get big!

A great week end was had by all. Road conditions were fine w/the last 3 km. a bit rough.
Weather conditions were all over the map Sun then hail then rain then A georgeous evening.
the next morning socked in till three in the after noon then a break and a wonderful mayfly hatch made for dry fly fun.

the grand daughter bravely suffering the cold in hope of another bite.
what a trooper!

A link to short video some of the excitement…..

ps I stand corrected on species…it was in fact a little 11" rainbow.( Stocked)
and yes we raised quickly for pic and turned the fly's barbless hook and let it go.
I thought it better than handling the little it .. but I will happily take the abuse, that I know will come.

Nice little campsites, some with picnic tables and handy are few outhouses spread about.
We went right into the backside of the lake for this site.

This was the view as evening wore on and the weather settled, only steps from the campsite and Huge spawners right in shallows were flopping all night long.
It was hard to get any sleep!

Just incase any were skeptical about the hail I mentioned, look closely at the surfaces .
that's an inch or two deep folks and most on ground was melting by the time were could get the cameras out. Dress for all types of weather up in those high mountain lakes.

BTW the results of the derby were,
24 entries...
22 fish legal sized caught. the largest being 19 3/4 inch. ( No weight taken)
countless undersized, like ours, released and even more reported bites.

A great time was had by all.
so thanks Sharp Hooks, Cagey in particular,for the useful info and encouragement.

tips ups


glad you enjoyed the trip.
I was at Monte lk when the hail storm hit on Friday.
wow, did it hurt. the koks on Monte were biting but very lightly. we lost our limits before the hail and torrential rain hit.

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