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Here is my Common Carp Fishing Video

Thanks all.

Wow, that is awesome.
Where is the location?
What are you using for bait?

It is very close to Vancouver, Near Pitt River
I use Bread Dough with cream style Sweet corn.

I know where that is.
Louis Vuitton

Carping can be great fun- not the most acrobatic (are they even at all?) but they are called the "poor mans bonefish" for a reason.
I remember nymphing for little bream with a 5wt one time and I hooked in to a 5 pound common carp- unreal.

Good job on that fish!

Joy: can you be more specific on your bait? Specific recipe if you don't mind sharing. Thanks.

Can you tell me the exact location of the place.
I would really like to go down there this week.

Hi Fetoid,

I am planning to make a short video within next week - "How to make Dough Bait for Carp".
Hope you will get it clear.


Hi YZ125,
Please PM me for the Location.

Stupid question: How do we PM somebody on Sharphooks? I can't see in people's profile how to do that or their email address.
BTW, I'm not 100% sure where the video was taken, I have an idea of the area. If you want my opinion PM or email me. If you can figure out how to. I can't.

Hi fetoid,
I thought only I don't know how to PM here.
Anyway, The area is in Pitt Meadows Sturgeon Slough.

Have a good luck.

Great Video Joy
Ive caught lots of carp in England up to 25lb its great fun and sport they also love sweetcorn and luncheon meat and its fun catching them on the surface which bread crust.
I am told there is carp in swan lake vernon whether this is true or not i dont know.

yes, re swan lk. i gather the south end , where it is shallow , is the best place.

great i will bait a spot over a few days then see if i can get a little critter out and let you know if i do.

I thought it was in that area.
My son and I were out there a couple of weekends ago, didn't catch anything but saw some very small bass.
I look forward to your bait video.

Pagey, it is illegal to bait (chumming) the water prior to fishing. Read page 9 of the Freshwater Fishing Regulations!!!
WTH, doesn't anyone check the regs, they are available at most tackle shops and ONLINE -

Thanks cutfisher and no pagey is a brit not a yank !!!! oh and yes thanks for telling me its illegal as i didnt know so i wont do it

I used to fish oldstyle for carp not with all the new flavoured bollies etc you will find a serious carp angler very dedicated with hi tech rigs and tackle they will think nothing of setting off and camping going for 48hr session sometimes without a single fish but sometimes fish 30 or 40lbs and if you hook 1 of those you know about it !!!! Me well 6lb line size 14 hook and 2 bits of sweetcorn would would work well back in England but like people say on here i dont live there now and regs are diff !!!!

nice vid! looks like lots of fun<*)))><

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