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If you want to post pictures be aware of proper catch and release methods.

wetting your hands first
handling the fish gently
protecting the slime coat
using a net with a soft seamless or new rubberized bag for netting a fish
don't squeeze a fish or grab by the gills or gill covering
grasp just in front of the tail and under the belly just behind the gill coverings. NEVER insert your fingers into the gill coverings unless you plan on killing the fish.
removing the hook as gently as possible will improve the fish's chances of surviving being caught.

If you have any other ways to contribute to this please feel free and leave some Positive feed back.

Also barbless hooks everyone. The only fish I hooked into on Sat on MIke lake had it's lower jaw all mangled from a barb.
sharphooks moderator

bump.........please read this everyone. this was the work of a previous moderator. feel free to add to it.

I think asking the question "do i really need to take a picture,or is it better to get the fish on it's way" is something one should ask.The next question is "do I need to pick the fish up".Neal down in the water.

sooooo, we can't post pics of taken fish?
this thread makes no sense.

it does not say that. just use proper c + r if not retaining. some mebers though seem to think taking a quick photo is too much. afraid i am not in agreement with that proposition.
the moderator

Fishing forum > Proper catch and release and pictures


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