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For the upper fraser keep a eye on the albion test fishery.
sugar magnolia



I too have heard that there might be a mid June opening but I have not been able to talk to anyone about that.

Is it easy to catch Chinook on the Fraser with betties or is it like a 50/50 chance.

if you can find a spot with no snags you will get springs bouncing bottom/flossing for sure. if your amature you will have way better luck flossing than trying to bar rig. some people say its unethical to floss but hey if you bought your licence and fisheries allows it go get your fish buddy. i think the guys with the degrees know a little more about a sustanable fishery than some jealous fisher man whos dad tought him to bar rig 25 years ago. and dont get me wrong bar rigging works great even in high muddy water you just need to find a spot where lots of springs are running through a "fish highway". and im guessing you didnt go out and locate some of these fish highways during low water in december, so you can make the ethical disision your self weather you want to go fish a 2-3 foot area or go fish the whole river.

sure it is, go check your reg buddy. lol
sugar magnolia

Very well said mr beak!!!!!
andmod why was comment deleted?????
You truly need some lessons in moderating dude!!!
sugar magnolia

Drift max

Although snagging is illegal, flossing in terms of the fraser river sockeye/chinook fishery is totally legal. And just so you know, flossing with a bare hook is actually illegal, so the 'red dressing' must remain. This topic is completley overblown, we all know it is not real fishing, but if someone chooses to partake in a totally legal 'meat fishery' then let them go take some sox for the bbq.

Say what you want ethical/unethical. flossing is the main stay of the fraser river sport/food fishery, always has been and always will be. If your going to want to eat some sockeye, your going to have two choices, you can go buy fish from safeway for $25 a fillete or you can go floss for them. i choose not to purchase any fish from stores and i do not support these commercial fisheries, witch i see as 100% unethical fisheries that put huge strains on fraser river salmon stock, not to mention the native fisheries too. i buy my licence, fisheries canada sets out giude lines/rules and we as sport/food fisher man abide by these rules. now if some one wants to say a guy putting up some food and wants to take 2 fish a day is unethical, i think that person should take a look at the fishery as a whole and maybe re-evaluate there oppinions before jumping to conclusions on a topic that they are obviosly misinformed on. if people want to debate on this topic, they should at least know what there talking about before posting garbal and blowing hot air.

When i fish for sockeye there is no sport involved for me at all,Strictly meat to bring home to my family. If you feel the need to fill a salmon going to spawn with lactic acid and send it to it's doom that is your choice i wont preach to you about it.When i was fishing last year i got my licence and hook checked,all was good and i continued fishing if it was illegal i think something would have been done about it.

Tell you what Bently how about this year if sockeye is open you take me fishing and show me how to fish for them without having to bb.I am open to trying something new,thing is nobody has ever showed me any different,so i go with what i know.

I don't play games like that bently. If you are going to be kind enough to show me something new than i will only bring gear i need to fish your style.
Drift max

I'm surprised people still bother attacking eachother over such a dead topic, it's not politics or religion, it's meat fishing, if you are above and beyond it then remain in your golden tower, and continue to pat your old grumpy back, and reassert your weird fishing buddha ego. I notice you seem to only be so outpoken on sharphooks, and not other threads......wonder why. There are lots of things in the world that are legal, that i dont agree with, but sometimes we just have to chill out and realise thats just the way it is for now, like it or not. no sense looking like a jerk. cheers

This is what I really like about you bentley, tell it like it is. You are not wrong but I wonder what you would do as moderator, I would hate to see what you say if anyone got in your way.

I have a lot to learn about fishing, and can a guy make a genuine mistake, totally wrong but not deliberate. There are plenty of folk who go out of their way to poach.

Give me a break mate, I have backed off but there is still a lot of junk going on that, perhaps, you can use some wisdom and say who, in your opinion, does not contribute positively.

BB fishing is jut not fun at all. Toss a rig, snag something, reel it in. meh I tried it once and standing shoulder to shoulder on a bar, listen to people get mad at people tossing lines over lines, fishing with 45+lbs gear. Where's the sport in that? After 4 cast's I said stuff it and sat for the rest of the day on the shore wishing I was elsewhere.

At least try something different, just once. I fly for pinks, and coho, steelies, chum well everything. I release 90% of what I catch, I fish for sport locally. Food fish are dock bought during the season or if I can manage I'm off to a lodge.

the river is almost to the dyke on the abby side due to the freshet and will be for probably another month. And bently, you are right about the mod and his antics but give the holier than thou stuff a rest. We have heard it all before.

quote:FYI sockeye are Krill and Plankton feeding fish, but they do actually "BITE" some offerings. For instance, they regularly take red or hot pink hoochies when trolled for {how do think the commercial troller catches them, DUH!!!}. They also will take a fly pattern in many colors {this is how I catch mine}.

the truth: Sockeye feed extensively on zooplankton during both freshwater and saltwater life stages. Their many gill rakers strain the plankton from the water. sockeye are always drinking to force water and plankton throught these rakers, thats how they eat.

fact: all comercialy caught sockeye are cought in nets by seining or gill netting. all salmon fishing in fresh and salt water is barbless hook only. I would hate to be the guy trolling with barbless hoochies.

AND AT LAST: people who think there catching sockeyes on the fraser with a fly, are actualy fly flossing them. fly flossing is done by useing a heavy sink line and long leader, you cast slightly up river or out at a right angle (simaler to swinging a dry fly for trout) the line will swing down stream to the curent, the sockeye swimming up steam then swim in to the leader line and shortly end up with a hook in there mouth "that they dint bite at willingly.


>QUOTING ABE: the truth: Sockeye feed extensively on >zooplankton during both freshwater and saltwater life stages. >Their many gill rakers strain the plankton from the water. >sockeye are always drinking to force water and plankton >throught these rakers, thats how they eat.

Sure and I eat rice and lettuce and carrots, but I really like a nice steak or hunk of chicken if given the choice. I have never tied up a krill/plankton rig (nor have I seen anyone else do so) but I have caught Sockeye on a variety of tackle, especially pink hootchies and lots of flashers. 90% of the fish I ate growing up was hootchie trolled Sockeye salmon.

- - - - -

>QUOTING ABE: fact: all comercialy caught sockeye are cought in >nets by seining or gill netting. all salmon fishing in fresh >and salt water is barbless hook only. I would hate to be the >guy trolling with barbless hoochies.

BS! Ask a long-liner about that. They catch everything without nets and pretty much abhor anyone that drag-rapes the ocean with one. Bycatch alone is reason enough to outlaw this aqua-plunder. I grew up with a close family friend that was a troller (3rd generation) and showed me fish that I would have thought were fictitious if he did not show me. We never purse-seined recreationally, yet amazingly I have caught scores of Sockeye and Kokanee (same damn thing) on nothing but trolled gear. Maybe if, back when you learn to fish, it was with less than a 12-pack of barbed treble hooks you would realize that not only is it quite viable to catch fish on barbless; but if you are actually paying attention, you will catch nearly as many as with a snag-master grappling hook.

- - - - -

>QUOTING ABE: AND AT LAST: people who think there catching >sockeyes on the fraser with a fly, are actualy fly flossing >them. fly flossing is done by useing a heavy sink line and long >leader, you cast slightly up river or out at a right angle >(simaler to swinging a dry fly for trout) the line will swing >down stream to the curent, the sockeye swimming up steam then >swim in to the leader line and shortly end up with a hook in >there mouth "that they dint bite at willingly.


Can't comment on flossing because I have never done it. In fact I have never shore-fished for salmon. To me that is kind of like shopping for a wife at a whorehouse...

I will and do debate constantly with "book educated" people because although you are literate (and I applaud that). You are reading second-hand experiences of someone you do not even know. Then you are taking those anecdotes (at best) and equating them with fact. I have no problem engaging in such debates because I tend to only debate those things in which I have experience. I read a lot myself and think it is a great way to broaden your horizons and learn, but I do not tend to read about things that I have extensive experience in already. So regardless of what Charlie White or Wikipedia has to say, I know that which I speak because I have DONE IT successfully and with much repetition.

Lastly, if you want to come off as intellectual or well-read, you should at least lean on the spell-check a bit, it will drastically reduce the irony factor.

Not picking on you Abe, just sharing REAL world experiences and to be fair, you did "come out swinging", so kind of invited such a frank response.

Oh and wasn't this Topic supposed to be about Chinook/Spring Salmon fishing?

Well look what the cat dragged in...

W/B Bently. I knew if this place got beaky enough, you'd be back. I want MrJeff/Macaroni/Moderator to tie up a plankton/krill fly for me. Well maybe after he ties us another lucky one for the home team.

Maybe one with goalie pads this time in honor of the only guy who stuck around to play the whole game tonight.

You forget to take your meds again bently? You sure have a lot to say there some way you can get your point across without being so difficult

O.k. - live in haney,I can float fish from around there ? If I do am I setting it up like I would for steelhead?

Bently , dont you think its a little hypocritical for you to be complaining about how disgusting the bb/sockeye meat fishery is and then brag about how you are a commercial fisherman? Who cares if people wanna fish a method which you choose not to participate in? Thats like saying only fords should be driven and everyone who drives a chev,toyota or honda is an idiot. Bottom line is they all get you to your destination just like bb gets you your fish.

you canadians sure like to throw your dolls out the pram !!!!!
sugar magnolia

I totally agree with ya bently,,,,,,Flossing is a total disgrace to the fishing industry.Its not fishing and its not ethical in any way,,,,

good to have you back bentley.
too bad you are more miserable than ever! seriously, do you or anyone else on here know why there are no springs in the fraser.
i was just looking at the albion test fishery results. there are hardly any being caught. past years are WAY higher. any insight?
i find it hard to argue on the side of flossers. i have broken down 2 or 3 times when down at the coast. i last an hour and leave vowing never to try again. the fisheries allots so many fish to recreational fishermen. they expect flossing in order that the expected catch take place. what bugs me is all the idiots that never fish otherwise line the shores. they have no idea of what they are doing but they sure get violent doing it!
if i fish for sox this year it will be in the thompson away from the hords. i won't be there sportfishing (i agree with you it is not sportfishing) but to harvest some fish, just like a commercial fisher would, but for my own purposes.and my leaders will not exceed 4 feet.
while i have trouble supporting the flossers, i do not condemm them .
on the other hand, your excuse for commercial fishing is a joke. i am sure when you are hauling in your nets you do not think "all those rich old people can buy fish" (the poor old people can't afford it). i do not deny you the opportunity to make a living but do not try and tell us how "pure" the industry is. if so, all the fishing would be trolling.

i realize trollers cannot harvest enough fish but as you say changes have to be made.
any idea where the springs are though? see my question re: albion test fishery

my buddy used to fish for pollack and hake. the accidental catch is huge. an example of something needing big change.

SOoo is the comercail fisher man that uses a long line more of a sportsman than some one flossing sockeye in the river? NO hes not. the guy flossing in the fraser is having fun catching/flossing fish enjoying the sun and playing his fish, hes more of a sports man to me than the comercial fisherman that takes and takes for $ not food like the guy out flossing. thats the whole point the guys fishing on the river are'nt putting a strain on a fragile fishery like the comercial fisheries are.
Drift max

the fact that bentley empathises, and proudly states his support of litterally raping a resource(commercial fishing), shows his lack of credibility. But hey if you feel like a champ by bullying a guy for attaining his own fish for the table by "legal" flossing, then so be it.Netting fraser river sockeye by the ton, and selling it for 11 bux a pound is far more disgusting than legally taking 2 fish for the bbq in the summer sun. Bragging about how great of "sports angler" you are is getting as old as you are. WE ALL KNOW FLOSSING ISNT SPORT....FOOD FISHERY.

The whole point of fishing is to get the fish and eat it.
That is why fishing was created.
Commercial fishing and netting is Stupid yes but flossing is still fun and you don't always have to keep the fish you caught.
Bently your taking this too seriously.

Yes please do tell. I know a few guides in the area, none of which take anyone out to fish for sockeye. Reason being you can't catch sockeye in the fraser without flossing them, one way or another. If you know a new way to fish for them then thats good! I would be right up on the list in trying it out. Thanks.
sugar magnolia

Socks can be caught in the fraser without flossing them,,Have caught sockeye while barfishing for springs.
Abe u have no clue dude,,,its that mentality that flossing creates,,,if u think flossing on the fraser is fun than so be it,Have fun snagging with the 10,000 other beaks.
And mr grey u r a flosser.

bentley , what i recall my buddy telling me is they drag for hake. he told me this caused a lot of collateral damage. is this not correct? i think it is time to end the commercial fishing talk. you cannot defend the industry and trying to tell us you are different............sorry. you may call us know nothings but you are not selling the idea. until your glass house stands up to the attack, do not attack the flossers! if you have a secret method, as you have stated, tell everyone. if not, start sharing some of your experiences instead of always attacking. you have a lot to contribute!
and magnolia, your most recent comment about mr grey1 is , as usual, without reason. if you could read, he said he uses 4 fooot leaders. you wonder why your posts have been changed(which i disagree with mr moderator. let him look stupid without adding yourself to the stupid list). maybe it is your one tracked mind.
you have, in the past made some usefull posts. why not give up being so "perfect' and get back to posting your own activities instead of belittling anyone who uses diferent methods.
sugar magnolia

Cagey,I suggest u read,,,no where in his post does he say he uses a 4 foot leader.All he sais is it seems to be acceptable.

Any topic that continues over 12 replies seems to end up with meaningless pedantic drivel. I would love to have and "end this topic" button that allows to topic to sand without deleting the whole lot. Perhaps someone can summarize the whole of this into a new topic.

I would also like to suggest that catching a fish "hook in mouth" should be encouraged and if your method works this way then fine, if it does not then choose another method.
sugar magnolia

Mr grey,once again u have resorted to name calling,Can u not reply without name calling?????Unbelievable,,,and i call bs on you,like youre gonna be bottom bouncing in a spot with 10,000 other snaggers using a 4 foot leader when every one else is using 10 plus feet and snaggin the craqp outta the fish,,,ummm ya ok.
You only make youreself look dumb by name calling.

Bently, I rarely post on this site because of the childish behavior and those who can't be bothered to read the regulations. I have to say some of your early posts on this site irked me and I replied a couple of times try to get you to "bite" but when it comes to your stand on flossing I'll stand with you any day. Too many anglers hiding behind "it's a legal method" and not bothering to spend the time and learn how to get these fish to bite. They will take a spin-n-glo barfishing, I've seen it many times in the Fraser, short floated krill works in the Harrison, I too have a fly that works and is normally located in the roof of a sockeyes mouth (it has a chenille body and lots of flashabou). Ethics are up to the indivdual so to each their own I guess, I know where you and I stand Bently.
On another note I remember a few years back (not sure how many 10 -12) the regulations had a definition of angling that stated something to the effect of "entice a fish to bite and hooked IN the mouth).
sugar magnolia

Mr grey,,,,,,U truly are out to lunch,,,go back to the fraser flossing holes with the rest of the beaks,,,,,,here is my e mail addy,,,,care to discuss this any further????

yes, bentley. thanks for the lesson on what methods you use. very informative.
as you said, it is a shame not to be able to harvest the by-catch. whatever my buddy was doing, they caught a lot of halibut that was dead when they threw it back (as they were supposed to do); the crew would each take a cooler full of halibut at the end of a trip but the rest was wasted.
anyway, enough about flossing!
tell us more about your slime line / fly method. what type of place do you usually fish? (you described your bar preference previously) when the hordes are out it is hard to fisn a place to fish. do you use a boat to get away from the rest or......tell us more. i am not the greatest caster but i would love to try! thanks as always for sharing your knowledge.

ps magnolia you are getting stale. get onto something else and leave the grey1 alone until he screws up next time, if in fact he does. i believe you said you were from sechelt. i am likely going to be there next month.what is the fishing like in your parts? do you shore fish for cutties/coho? any hints as to where to go. if you can help, why not start a new post.

Until he screws up next time. LOL that's funny.


how do you fish for sockeye then im new to this salmon fishing and my fly gear isn't heavy enough to fish for salmon so what do you use??

bassmaster you should read the threads before you ask questions, because in this very thread there is detailed description of how to catch sockeye.
Red-Headed Wood Pecker On The Fly

How do you fish for sockey then ya all arnt they call redds up here too ????dont you bottom bounce and snaggem in the mouth

If people insist on bottom bouncing there will be no open season to fish . As for sockeye it does not look like there will be any open seasons in the near future so forget about catching them.

If people insist on bottom bouncing there will be no open season to fish . As for sockeye it does not look like there will be any open seasons in the near future so forget about catching them.
On The Dry

Thanks for the input --Im a millenial and I dont catch and relese I eat what I catch and pop pocorn for a living,,we all bottom bounce for all salmon and catch alot thanks ill help everyone to bottom bounce and catch a load of sustanable edibles,,we bobber and worm too or worm on the bootom drif cattchin loads of fish of all sorts
Red-Headed Wood Pecker On The Fly

thanks i found out to bottom bounce from the post--time to hitt the rivers and slay em all !!!!!!

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