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So anyone own a Sage rod? Just wanted to know if you are just paying for the name, or are they really a $700+ super hero rod that can outcast anything. I need a new rod. Just wanted to know what people think. Any other types of rods you have used and like.

It makes a difference you can feel bites in the butt and when you cast it helps load up your line for better casting.

just buy a TFO, TFO's and Sage's are made on the same rod blanks, the exact same, they both get them from the same supplier.

uh no they dont. Sage doesnt get their blanks from anyone, they make them at their one and only factory down in washington. Tfo is out of dallas texas I think and they actually have recently teamed up with g loomis which happens to b one of sages bigger competitors. As far as quality, you get what you pay for but Imo they could be a little cheaper. Thats my only complaint is the price but they do come with a life time warranty. I broke the top half of a sage last fall that I got in 1997 and they gave me a new top no ? asked
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It really comes down to preferance. I've used G-Loomis and Sage and TFO, and to be honest, each rod within each series by each company is so different.
To be honest, my favourite is TFO- they're inexpensive and they have a great lifetime warranty. That being said, most major rod companies do anyways, so that isn't something to base your preference on. I like TFO simply because they are good rods at a good price.
I have used Sage rods while fishing for peacock bass and baracuda in Hawaii, as well as G-loomis while bombing for bonefish.
For me, I would never drop more than $300 on a rod ever, which means that Sage, G-Loomis, and so forth are out, but if I was offered one, I wouldn't refuse it.
But for the money, Echo and TFO are hard to beat, especially for the quality.

Go to your nearest local shop, and demo them with matched lines. Don't shake them in the store unloaded and go "I like the feel of this one"- it won't help at all.

give the amundson fast action rods a try they seem to cast very well .you can go to their burnaby office and cast their rods that are on display ,oh yeah for 700 bucks you can get 3 rods with lifetime warranties too.

I have always looked at the Amundson and never gave it a try,They fall easily into a budget and i have read reviews and they seem pretty decent.My kids always know when dad gets a new rod,Kraft dinner and spaghetti for a few days.LOL
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Right now Pacific Angler has some Redington rods at a very good price for around $150-$200.
If you're looking for some good rods without breaking the bank, then I would suggest Echo, TFO, or Redington.
You can of course always go with the Sage and all of those if you wan't and have the money too, but for the same price of one of their higher end rods, you could buy a 4/5wt and a 6/7/8 or so also of one of those three above mentioned companies to help round out your arsenal.
But remember, it's all preference...

Thanks for all the info! I'll have to go try some out.

Fishing forum > Sage Fly Rod ?


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