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just bought a new barbeque/grill/smoker. so time to do up some smoked fish. been years since ive done this so any recipes or sites for them anyone can recomend. ive searched on here and got 1 ill try for the first one. just about to do the brine


GA. your going to want to clean and fillet your trouts, then you need to make your brine a simple yet evective brine consists of 1 cup coarse salt to every 2 cups brown sugar, mix well and put a thin layer in the bottom of a deep container, place your first layer of fish in the container skin side down, spinkle a libral layer of the brine over the flesh of the fish, then add your next layer of fish skin side up and sprinkle the brine over the top again, repete these steps until all of your fish is in the container covered with brine "always skin on skin and flesh on flesh" cover your last layer thick with brine so you cant see the fish any more. your going to want to let your fish brine for at least 6 hours if you want firmer fish let it brine longer. when your fish is done brineing you will have lots of liquid in your container this is moister that the salt has drawn out of youf fish "cureing it". when the brine is done you need to take the fish out of the brine and rince it well with cold water to get the brine crust off of it, then once you've rinced the fish off set it on a towel on your counter skin down place a second towel over the flesh and tamp the fish dry removing the eccess water, let the fish air dry for 20-30 minutes then place it in your smoker, for trout i would say the best wood to use is apple or alder for salmon and kokanee i use cherry. smoke your fish for at least 4 hours or up to 20 hours for a jerky style fish.
remember this is just a basic brine, if you like sweeter fish add an extra 1/2cup of sugar to your brine, some people also add crushed garlic and pepper to there brine. its all up to your personal taste.
good luck and happy smoking
who knows what i've been smoking <*)))><

thx. i did a batch today, just sampling it now...worked just fine took a bit to get the smoker set right for temps and amount of smoke. dont realy like htis. it has a side fire box thing and the end closets to it gets to hot and other end not enough. got it for the second run through. and is a pain in the ass with a coal burner but is nice flavours. i used mesquite for first one and apple for the second. grabbed a vacum sealer as well today to store it away.
see if i can find some pics....throw a bone for the
deffinalty need a better knife. minbe isnt flexable enough for my liking.

forgot to throw down the recipe i used from way back on here. found this one here snooping around. i forget the name that posted to here.

Taken from FishBC written by Gill...Base the brine on one gallon of water and adjust for amount of brine needed (usually 3 gallons for me). Make the brine an hour before you start cutting, as this allows the contents to fully dissolve and mix.
1 gallon of water
1 Cup COARSE (pickling) salt
2.5 cups of DEMERRA (cane brown) sugar or honey (honey is better)
1/3 bottle of soya sauce (appx 1/2 - 3/4 cup)
1/4 cup Lemon Juice
1/4 cup of Dry Mustard
2 large onions finely chopped
4 garlic cloves chopped very fine(or 1/8 cup powder)
Can add other spices as desired - I often sprinkle such things as Spicey Mesquite over the fillets upon removing from the brine).
Brine for minimum 12 hours, preferably 18 but dependant upon thickness of fillets (ie: springs will often sit 24 hours before considered cured).

Remove Fillets from brine, and WASH thoroughly in cool water. Pat dry (paper towel) and place on racks.
Put racked fillets in front of a large household fan for 4 - 6 hours (this will form a very nice patina finish, seals the fillets and helps promote a nice moist product), longer for oil-poor slabs like doggies, or extra thick springs.

Smoke @ 150-155 degrees F until deep brown colour covers the patina (depends on ambient weather, fillet thickness, etc). Average for me on sox is 10 - 12 hours, springs up to 24 hours.

wow, thats an oldy. looks like from the 50` ill have a look at it. i finsiehd this smoking and it all turned out just great.
would have posted pics of final but i already know the responces so ill jsut stick to readeing now...thx for the constructive replies

hey i have that book its a good one and the authar is a good story teller.
if anyone wants a recipe out of it let me know and i can post some recipes on here. <*)))><

i wouldnt mind seeing a couple if you dont mind posting.





i hope you can read this, good luck

reading wasnt so mouch the was after. had a hard time getting up off the floor, guess im not meant to lean over that long like

lol just like me in my boat, last time i went out thats how cold and wet i was. lol

been there last time in the tube. i have leaks in my new waiders already. 4 uses and junk. was wet up to my knees, not a good feeling

pays to buy decent waders. i went through 3 pairs of cheep ones. lasted a year each, half of which i was wet!
5 yrs ago i got a $175 pair of bare 5mm neoprenes and a $125 pair of fenwick breathables (great buy at surplus herbey's in vernon). they were not top of the line by any means. never been wet since due to a leak . i'm not any easier on them. in fact i am probly more careless but never had a hole.
if i was buying one pair i would go with the breathables hands down!

got em at army n navy so usualy they are pretty good on returns and ill just pay to upgrade to something better. being wet all day sucks. will be either breatables as these are or gortex, ill drop up to 300 this time isntead of the 130 on last ones

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