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Hi, we tried trolling a few Lyman Lures #1 size(smallest size) and we could not get any action from them. They just drag along in line not moving at all! Had about 3 foot leader going to a barrel swivel to the main line, with a slip weight.(same setup we use with other lures etc..) We tried a few Lymans all # 1, but they just would not move around. We moved the eye around on the plug to try and tune it etc, nothing worked. Please let me know, we must be doing something wrong. Thanks

Well, granted you are trolling at a sufficient speed I attach my Lyman with a snap-swivel directly to the main line. We've never tried tuning our lures. Perhaps you are using too much weight? We use typically 1-2 ounce slip weights. If you pull your line out 25 'pulls' then attach the slip weight to your line you may have different results. What test is your main line? And what kinds of weights are you using?

not sure if i can help you with the question but have a question. what lake is in your photo. looks a lot like mable lake from the enderby end. was it a good guess?
as for your question you might be going too fast.

The speed being too high is possible I guess but even running way too fast they usually have a good wobble still. With my motor fouling all the time, I will hear it run poor and raise the throttle to try to clear the fouling for a minute or two and often use that as an opportunity to check/reset my line. I have never noticed our Lyman's "playing dead"...

The picture is of Chilliwack lake last year the day of the forest fires. Saw a few water bombers and choppers that day fighting it. The haze on the lake is smoke from the fire.

I was using a 1 ounce slip weight. With the Lyman. Not trolling that fast. Normal speed we always go for trolling flatfish, lures etc. (Maybe to slow??) I'll take a video of it next time I'm out to show what I mean.

Lyman has a good video of them working well on their website:

Ours did nothing like it shows in that video. Just went in a straight line. We switched over to flatfish which worked fine. Maybe just a few bad plugs or something. Not sure.

That sounds very weird, I would contact Lyman and see if they can do anything for you. Maybe replacements or something...they are in Kelowna.

Tanfish, Re. what you said about how you fish it: I attach my Lyman with a snap-swivel directly to the main line.

ChakaRaka: Do you connect your Lymans to your line with a snap-swivel?

I think that is the issue... was looking at the Lyman again, versus other lures ie flatfish,and quickfish have a eye atached to a wobbler bar thing. Spinners mostly have a split ring atached to a barrel swivel to allow it to spin around. Lyman Plugs only have an eye to attach to. We had tied right to this eye. Now that I'm thinking about it that would stop it from moving around. I'm going to try a snap-swivel on the leader next time; I hope it works! Thanks for all the replies.

Catch: In regards to your comment "We had tied right to this eye." Yeah, maybe try only the snap swivel/Lyman combo next time. I don't think I have tried tying my line directly to the plug, so maybe that is the issue? Good luck

Yes I connect with a snap-swivel just like Tanfish (because she is my g/f and we fish together). Although I do not know if it would really make a difference. I have read on packaging of other lures that you must tie directly to the lure, but I tend to ignore that because with a snap-swivel I can quickly change to anything I want. So I wonder if you got some dud Lymans because all the ones we have tried worked well, your weight selection is about the same as ours, so maybe the weight was just too close. The guy that suggested these lures to me told me to have about 20-50 feet of line behind my weight. We have had pretty good results with Lymans doing just that so that is about all I can suggest.

Good Day all, just read your inquiries about the lyman. First off, the picture I see shows a barrel snap swivel 2 or 3 times too large for that lure. When I fish the smaller lymans I do the following. I tie a barrel swivel to my main line. To the other end I tie a knot, go thru the eye of the lyman and back to the barrel swivel. That way the lyman can wander back and forth. If you are travelling from 1.7 mph up to 4 mph the lyman should dance for you. Also you should not be running 20lb test with these either, the lighter the line the more they will swim, the thinner diameter line will cause less side drag thru the water and allow a full range of motion for the lyman.

So you are tying the Lyman within a largeish loop just below a barrel swivel that is then tied to the main line? This sounds interesting, if I interpreted it correctly. Why do you do this (what made you go this way)? No issues with tangles?

See this is why fishing forums are popular, your dad or uncle only know so many ways to "skin a cat". Places like this make you start thinking outside the box and trying new things.

Fishing forum > Lyman # 1 question.


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