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well we went to Lake Of The Woods for our first trip out. with all the bad reviews of the place wqe where expectinbg a skidsville place..well wrong. ya they are lazzy people and no toilet paper rteplced and no place to toss out garbage. but as far as the rooms being dirty and falling apart..not to me it wasnt. wasnt the best but you get what you pay for at you dont get much for 65 buk these days...deffinalty dont exspect a resort at that cheep. even the crack shaks down town vancouver cost about that a night.

anyways fishing was awesome. couldnt keep em off the hooks. at first we had issues keepin them hooked. would just take the worm and run. but then the evenings things changed and couldnt keep em off....i wouldnt even have the ford fender re-baited and wou;ld get one on the fly line. buddy had 2 on at sdame time as well. took home our max allowed and must have release 30 to 40 more between us over 2 days. weather couldnt have been any better either. sat morning was way cold to be out in tubes though and fishing was average through the morning till noonish when it wamred up. then right from 3 ish to dark time it was more than crassy fishing times
only thing that annoyed me was the other family there...didnt watch the kids and cought em a few times messing with gear and our fish at the ewdge of the lake. not into having kids tossing rocks n sand into my tube while the parents sat at camp ignoring them and driking from sun up to sun down...


ive got a youe tube channel with vids of my outdoor stuff so once i edit the vid clips together ill post them and link them here to

stupid pics didnt work...

see if this one works...the above work on all other forums i use....

forget not doin 1 pic at a time as we can only have here.
ill mess with this later if i get the urge. pics are one of the biggest things for a forum and we can only load 1 at a time...???


Sounds like a great time, glad it worked out. Yes this site does not seem to allow self-coded pics in the body of the message and I agree that is a pain. And so is not being able to edit your own fishing report or delete it. Also not being able to delete your own post or remove pics from your profile. All things that other forums feature. But I have been the only squeaky wheel lately and am not too popular at the moment because of it, so maybe some of you other annoyed parties could become more vocal.

Looks nice there, what area is that lake in? Got any fish pics?

I would love to take over this site, hook line and sinker. Make changes at the drop of a hook, like having video clips, adding new lakes, uploading multiple images.

We need to badger, carp, the Big Fish, see seperate post.

Great report and yes we do need to do our bit in keeping the lakes clean and tidy, and I know some of you do tidy up other peoples stuff. The launch at Yellow Lake was getting to be dangerous last year, so a phone call was all it took to get something done. (Took a bit to find the right number though). Persistence pays.

well i have my own forums..a few actualy. soemthing ive been doing for a few years. others are diff topics but over the past month or so ive been buildin an outdoor on. didnt want to insult this place but it is the simplest board ive ever been on.

thank you MrGrey1, i knew the loader for site was ok, just a pain in da arse to do them 1 at a time.
ya the no editing i bad for me as my typing sometimes is horrible.

ChakaRaka that was at lake of the woods 10 minuites out of hope bc. unfortunalty its all stocked trout, was fun though for a first trip out. and no i dont think i have much more for actual fish pics. was to into takin shots of the scenery. if there was something special about any of them i would have. all were average sized about 1 foot. i did video of a few fish on and i will edit those and post them from my outdoor youtube channel i have also

Hey GA, post the links to your video.

ya thats where the hot ereas where...from the launch at the rest stop across to the far side where there a log or smallish tree in the lake sticking out. mostly in that small bay on far side from launch from hyway
ill take out 1 small section of vid and ill share it.

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