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Did any read the report dated April 5 by the Angler...
What size gear was this guy using to pull in a 125lb Stergeon when he wasn't fishing for Stergeon....
Something smells fishy in this report....

Hmmm, YA THINK!?!?!

it was actualy more like a 25 lb. stergoen and it was put there by fisheries a couple of years ago and it was actualy illegal for this water head to move it to the fraser.

I call bulls--t, nothing makes sense about that story. Pics or it never happened...

i was also wondering what was up with that report. i also read on a different site theres one in green timbers? ive never fished either of these lakes but i never imagined there would be any sturgeon in them

i am also calling b.s. on tegreen timbers one pple would tell me the they would rise in the early mornin so one day i went b4 day break for first lite and the guy tellin me all this stuff came like 5 mins after and guess what nothin and if someone did relese one do you relly think it would survive?

green timbers has a sturgeon..i have seen it jump twice withing an hour and fished with a guy who caught it a week earlier and witnessed by other guys fishing that lake...this was 2 years ago

green timbers does have sturgeon in it. i use to live in surrey and i use to go there some times with my little cousin, we saw a guy catch one there about a three footer. i have also seen them jumping in there.

fished Rice many years almost daily at times and yet to see any mythical sturgeon jumping or not sure how long one would live not being in its reg habbitat.

Abe, Digger (and company), that's nothing. We have a sea serpent that lives in the lake just across town. It is several yards long and displaces a few tons. I mean, I don't have pictures or anything but it has to be real. Being named and all I am sure Ogopogo is way more legit than some nameless Surrey-Swamp fact I met some nameless, faceless individual the other day that told me he had an ongoing affair with Ogopogo back in the late 40's. They used to go to the drive-in together in his old Packard, then eat hamburgers before returning to the lake bed. If he said it, it must be true because he said he worked for the DFO. That is the real reason I don't go in Okanagan lake anymore, I am afraid of being raped by this lusty sea monster...


I love the joy of painting

bob ross looks like he has a happy little home on this thread.

Ha, ha, haaa. Bob Ross is awesome.

sure is a boring time of the year when we talk about mythical sturgeon and good old ogy ! the fish have to be biting some place!!!

I saw one of those surrey swamp sturgeon's at the dell about 10 years ago,she was drinking a rye&7 and dancing on a speaker.LOL

i think she`s still there to..think her names is suzzie sturgeon
got a shot of the ellusive suzzie....

you guys are BADDDDDDDDDDDDD! ( the last post does look familiar. sure holds her age well as she hit on me 40 years ago!)

still sits at the corner table with the dim lights to not scare off the
just got back from Green Timbers...still no sturgeon, or anything else there for that matter. anything that has been cought there ive seen this year hasnt even been worth a single egg even...then the people standing behind people trying to fly fish. place has more inconveniences than its worth

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