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I just wanted to take a sec and remind every one to have there life jackets on board and wear them.
A co worker and I went out to cultas for an evening fish yesterday day after work. just at dusk a huge cust of wind came up my bow and flipped my boat right over. we were the only boat out on the water and pritty far out on the north side of the lake. It was a very cold very long swim back to shore, there was times when I didn't think i was going to make it. If we wouldn't have had our life jackets on we surely would have not survied the frigid swim back.
It goes to show you that even the most experienced boater can get into big trouble in a hury and the thing about the wind is you cant see it coming till its to late.
every one please be safe on the water and wear your PFV's you will be happy you did.

Happy to have your advice and thank God for your survival. Please, all heed the advice. It must have been quite an ordeal snd I bet you lost a load of stuff as well. Need help replacing it?

Thanks for the reminder, luckily due to you gents wearing your PFD'S you only got wet,cold and scared. It sure could have been allot worse!! Glad your safe.

glad you're o.k.

Well thankfully to the Chilliwack RCMP and Search and Rescue I have my boat, motor and most of my gear back, "im amazed that tackle box stayed afloat". Most important is that my pasanger and I made it out alive.

Hey Abe, I don't post much, but I have done some Power Squadron courses and they are great. Nothing can prepare you for what you described except wearing a PFD. I always do when travelling or when things are sketchy, but dont when things are "normal" and I am fishing. They are always close by and easy to get to though. Glad to hear you and your buddy are okay. I am really interested about the conditions and how the wind at the lake was able to flip your boat. Is it a flat bottom boat, and were the conditions rough? were you sideways to the chop and trolling? Any info/details would be VERY useful. I would think that it would be hard to flip a boat unexpectantly. Any hindsight tips would be useful - ie get low in the boat? etc. I would like to learn more as I boat alot and any info is good info!


That is such good news that you got most of your stuff back. Made my day and thank you for the update.

The weather was just starting to get rough so i had put the motor in neutral, we were reeling in our lines, thats when my boat had drifted sideways to the chop. The wind came up just the same time as a good sized wave hit the side of the boat and that was the end of it. 20/20 hind sight my budy was sitting in the middle seat if he would have been sitting in the front i dont think we would have gone over, that and the combonation of having the boat sideways to the chop didnt help my sitch any. my advice to other boaters would be, allways keep your boat straight into the chop or with the chop at your back and reel your lines in with your boat in forward gear so that you can maintane control and dont end up drifting.

Fishing forum > Boat Safety is No#1


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