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I'm a father who is looking for some good family activity on weekends, and thought I would introduce the kids to fishing. I bought a couple of cheap rod n' reel deals at Canadian Tire for the girls, hoping to fish lakes only this year, problem is I am as new to this as they are. I took them out to Mill Lake last week, fished from the dock, using a bobber w/ what I think is a spoon lure, and live worm. Fished for about an hour with no result. Not surprised in no bites, cause there were a few boaters and shore casters that didn't seem to catch anything either. My question to you more experienced fishermen is, "What would be the best, most consistent tackle to use on the lakes by just casting. And let's say I only fish Mill this year"

For kids, I would get rid of the hardware and just dangle bait on the hook under the bobber. With worms or shrimp etc it is only a matter of time until a fish bites.
Louis Vuitton

You can do a slip bobber with just some deli shrimp, or if you think they're holding deeper, a slip weight with a shrimp/marshmallow.

Hurkett, if you are as lousy a fisherman as you are a baseball player you are gonna have to use dynamite to take any fish home. hahahahahaha

LMAO!!! Ahhh Kev, your always good for a laugh!

take the kids to a fishing clinic being held over at the hatchery in abbotsford .great intro to fishing with a fun fish in their catch n release pond ,so when you go to mill lake you will be able to catch fish like a pro.

Thanks for the tips all! Heading to Mill this afternoon, will try out some of your suggestions, and report my successes later on.

Fishing forum > Newbie questions


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