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Author Topic: Anyone using Amundsen fly rods/reels?
Louis Vuitton

I've posted this on a few different forums, hoping to get a lot of responses.

I just noticed these rods recently, but am highly skeptical of using them as fly rods because I haven't ever heard of them before. Usually when something is good, people will talk about it.
I'm a TFO guy down to the core, and these rods are priced somewhat within the same range, but am wondering if they are in the same range of quality.

I'm mostly interested about a 5wt and a 7/8 spey/switch rod, so any comments on those specific weights are most appreciated, but any comments at all regarding any of their rods I am also looking for.

I'll probs end up with a TFO anyways, but was just curious.

Their reels look pretty impressive too, but I am leery about them since I haven't heard anything about them either, and when it comes to ocean fresh coho and Hawaiian bonefish, I don't want to worry at all. As for trout, well, you hardly ever really need to worry about drags and how much backing it holds, etc. etc., but yeah, when it comes to bigger fish, it usually means bigger business so I'm wondering if anyone has ever used their reels too.


i see them at A&M and they got a nice finish , but id stay away from those rods. heard they got a habit of snapping on big fish. and there reels look too flashy , feel way too light , and just not the greatest quality . i like tfo too . but just look on forums and see if someones selling a cheap sage launch . the quality of sage and a lifetime warranty , you cant go wrong .
Louis Vuitton

I like the look of the reels quite a bit, but I'm just leery as to the fact I've never heard anything really about them. I'm on the look out for a new 5wt, a 3wt, and an 8/9 switch rod. I currently use TFO for an 8wt single hand which I've been using for Coho, bonefish, and barracuda, but am wanting to get a Switch for them and am looking at the TFO Deer Creak series. I just noticed that Amundsen has a swtich/spey, but like I said, I've never heard of anyone ever using them, and for the same price, should I just go with TFO?
From what I have read, Amundsen rods seem to have really good warranty coverage, but that's all I've heard so far...

ive used a couple of the amundson reels, and like em alot for reels in the 5-6wt range, never used one on something bigger than a Rainbow trout though, i have no clue how theyd work out for salmon. but they are a really tough reel, friend of mine use's amundson reels aswell , an hes fallen on them lots (hes clumsy ) an there still in great condition, a few tiny scratches, thats it.

hey louie ,just wanted to reply to ur post ive got a 3wt,5wt,6wt,7wt amundson rods and reels really like them very compatable to other brand name rods.broke the tip off my 3wt by accident took it to their warehouse in burnaby got it replaced no questions the same time very convenient.also you can test out their rods in burnaby randholf and kingsway.
Louis Vuitton

@fishgutz: Which series of the rods do you have in those weights, and how are they in regards to action/presentation/distance?

i would suggest you go to web site they have all their rods listed with the prices length actions that may help you out .

Fishing forum > Anyone using Amundsen fly rods/reels?


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