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my charger has 2 settings 2a & 6a, witch setting should i have it on to charge my deep cycle marine battery?

Generally speaking the lower the charge rate the better it is for the battery. Imagine the reverse, the harder you discharge it the more damage you do. I have mine on charge all the time with a CTEK 3300 intelligent charger, summer and winter.

If you need your battery in a hurry from time to time 6amps will not do any real damage but think about the CTEK sometimes on sale at Canadian Tire for about $50.

6a is a medium charge and 2a is a trickle (i am sure you already know that) from my experience i trickle my battery now reason being last year i thought i would speed up my deep cell charge and put it up to a higher setting. When i got ready to go in the morning my battery was boiling and needless to say i was a little panicky.I just trickle it for 24 hours but this year i think i will bite the bullit and buy a charger that is smarter than i

I think the winter cabin fever has just caused senility in you guys. We just discussed this ad nauseum here:

Fishing forum > Battery charging


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