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Does anyone have any info on the Chehalis FSR, north of the Sasquatch inn? The gravel road at the Stopsign has had a CLOSED sign on it for the last 3 years now, i've heard a number of reasons as to why. Actively logging-no i called CANFOR they are finished there, mudslides? native issues?

I've also called the regional forestry office and left messages but no answer.


i was there in november it was open, not sure about now, i went as far as 30 km on it until it turned into fleetwood fsr, there was a washout by chehalis lake furhter in which is why it was closed before

since the land slide at the lake they have tried to keep people outta there as they say it is still unstable and might happen again. I've heard people goin up with no problems and others saying you need a big 4x4... haven't been up there myself inna more than a few years. hopefully someone here has some better info to share, i am interested myself.

The offroad guys usually know what's going on with these roads

sweet find fupa. cheers

Fishing forum > Chehalis FSR


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