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Hey guys, I've been looking on craigslist and in the classifieds for the last couple months for a decent canoe for sale. I'm looking to spend between $150-$350, for something that comes with paddles. Does anyone have anything like this they are willing to part with, or a friend that wants to unload one?

You might luck out this time of year with pricing like that. But if you want something that is not either garbage or a liability, I think you will have to spend a little more. We went through this last summer and ended up spending $500 for a well used, but quality canoe and extra for jackets, paddles, racks and other accessories. A canoe is good because once you pay you get to play and that is that. Not like larger boats where the purchase price is just a down-payment towards their money-pit propensity.

I agree, that pricerange won't buy you much out here. Why?, you ask. Well here on the west coast people overvalue their used crap. Take the challenge, find a product, here, used, than look around another for the same or similar item, much less. at your price range all you'll find is some slick jackass looking to get rid of their broken crap.

Canoe for sale, asking $400 obo. Needs a little work, but maybe useable. please bring your own shovel. Location North Van.

Charming canoe for sale, excellent condition, comes with oars and vests. Must see. asking $350 location surrey

I concur Meathead and thanks for the chuckle...

Another thing you will find is that at the $1000+ price range people are either wanting to sell their hand-laid kevlar marvel of engineering that has yet to get wet. Or the dreaded "package deal". That one goes something like:

Looks identical to the picture above, only narrower and less boatlike and more canoeish. Comes with 4 paddles, 7 lifejackets, 2 batteries that are dead and 1 that we think works for the unidentified antique trolling motor (that obviously works, as it did when used last in 1978). Scotty swivel chairs mounted to wicker seats only about 3-4' above the water line. 2 anchors, 5' of rusty chain and fathoms of tangled fried poly twist rope. Yoke has been removed and refitted with 2-row bench seating. This is also a custom canoe that is 24' long but only half depth and made of aluminum or cast-iron, but I am pretty sure it was aluminum. $1099.43 OBO

Too bad i just gave away my canoe.

Well yeah, if we are within several hours of each other. I find that often those that are offering something you need are just far enough away to make it no longer worthwhile. There is another reason why we could use a separate Buy & Sell forum on here...

that's a good idea maybe the mods can look into it

I have tried that twice already. You would have to get them off eBay long enough.

Then there is the site admin who takes pleasure in appearing as reachable as "The Great Oz" (the nickname I coined for him). He apparently gives the "mods" moderator privileges whilst being completely unreachable. But hey you are making some waves on here, you can try if you want...

Well how about a takeover bid. It may cost a bit, anyone in?

I saw those two on there, and I emailed the owners. They must be sold because I havent heard back from them...

saw this on craigslist, its not quite a canoe but these little boats are great for fishing smaller lakes.

Fishing forum > Canoe for Sale?


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