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Here are some fish I have caught at Buntzen Lake.



Best "local" trout lake I think.

Nice sized rainbows caught on the fly.

All caught trolling a fly. Kept a few and realesed the others.

Fly fishn on Buntzen Lake.

That is such a nice lake to fish. It has the feel of a coastal inlet.
Kid fisherman

Nice pics, may I ask what flies work best for you?

Honestly any wet fly works on this lake. All I know is I have used brown, red, green and black coloured wet flies all with the same success.

Is it possible to troll with a lure with good chances of catching a fish?
If so how deep down and approximately which part of lake?
I have heard that any lure works really goo right where the small river runs in, what lures work?
Thank You

Is there a boat launch? I have a 12'aluminum and don't like packing it too far.

I used to fish with lures at Bunzten before but always got skunked or the odd 1 fish a day. As soon as I switched to flies I was getting 5 - 10 fish a day! Of coarse i didnt keep them but thats how effective flies are.
I havent been to Buntzen yet this year so I dont know if the boat luanch is installed yet. There has always been a great boat luanch there but I think they take it away in the winter? You would have take a quick drive up there to find out.

butzen is for sure a nice place to stay for a day . i went last spring a couple times and caught a few trout the exact same way fishn4fun does it . caught on a small black and shiny red wolly bugger with gold bead . heard theres a few kokanee in the lake too ? fishn4fun is that true

I have herd there in there but have never caught one myself. I think you need to fish deeper for koks? When im trolln im only 4-6 feet below the water.

I caught a Kokanee in Buntzen last fall. Does anyone know if the water levels are back to normal yet. The boat launch is usually there year round, but this year it was underwater as a result of work being done on the power turbines, which was supposed to be completed by now.

I will be driving up to Buntzen today and will let you guys know of the boat launch and water levels. Its sunny out so a good day to check out the lake.

Havent made it there yet. Maybe on the weekend.

went up to buntzen lake today water very high,boat launch closed,floating dock is all torn up and in need of some major repairs,hopefully the city will have the docks ready for the spring

are the rainbows at buntzen good eating or are they like the gross ones from places like green thimbers and what other kinda fish are in there? looking for a local lake that has tasty fish in it.

Wow the docks are really that bad now? Im sure they will be ready to go come Spring. I have been fishing Buntzen Lake for a long time and NEVER have I ate a fish from there that was gross. Every one was fresh and tasty. As far as I know there are only trout in there. Thats all I have ever caught myself but there could be kokes in there to.

This is what the docks are supposed to look like when they're ready for use by boaters and fisherman.

is there any good spots off shore to fish from other than the dock ?

Well there are two docks. One in the picture right next to the boat launch and one smaller dock on the east side next to the dog area. There is a rock point on the east side of the lake good for casting. Just walk about 5 - 10min up the trail past the dog area. You can see the rock point from the beach. I have only ever fish from my boat but I always fish next to that rock point. Im just in the water and you'd be on the rock but there are trout right there.
This is an old picture when some friends and I fish this spot. As you can see, you're able to get right down to the lake and cast into some deep water.

Here another pic of that rock point. Im taking this picture from the ohter side of the lake completely zoomed in but you can get an idea of the spot.

The rock point at Buntzen Lake.

ok thx i just dont wanna be fishing were alot of other people (dont like crouds)

type of fish in there other than kokane and rainbows?

The rock point dosent get hardly any fisherman because you need to walk a bit to get to and most people are too lazy to do that. If you went to fish that spot you probably will be the only one there.

ok thx is there any other types of fish in there?

Im not sure but maybe someone else would know?
Check this out though:

buntzen has rainbow trout, cut throte trout, dolly varden and kokanee

and all are leagal to keep or is there a hatchery rule at all?

Read your reg book it will tel you all you need to know

I went up to Bunzen Lake last week, the lake is still a little high but not too bad, I got skunked

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