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Spring is coming upon us and just wondering if any of the regulars on her want to have a derby of some sort get out and see if we can all walk the talk and have some fun.

Derby would be very cool...maybe at a lake that people could camp at too. Weaver, Hicks, Jones?

that would be fun

im down for a berdy..... i think cultas in the spring is good, and theres lots of camping there.


kelso, it was your idea now you better pick a time and place. so we can start planing this thing. lets do it

With all due respect, I think that a sturgeon derby would limit the field too much as most people are set up for lake fishing. But maybe a seperate sturgeon derby for those interested? Cultus can be busy but if you went early in the season it shouldn't be too bad. We fished it in the cartopper last march and there were very few boats on the lake. We even caught a few fish.
Cream Corn

My husband and I have been trying to find a local derby to get involved in would be a great idea looking forward to more info

How about deer lake (harrison not burnaby) sunday march 10 2011 Gates at 6:30

My calendar tells me March 10 2011 is a thursday not a sunday

lol you're right how about the 13th

mar.13 sounds good to me. im guessing this will be a 2 day derby? with camping involved?
i will even donate some prizes

That weekend works good for me provided I'm back from working out of town. I don't mind helping with some of the organization.

As much as it hurts to say abe 2 days will be stretching it for me but whatever floats your boat guys,my idea to get out put in a good days fishing and walk away with some bragging rights. march 13 is still a month and a half away so there is still some time to work a few things out, maybe we can start simple and work on it. I know alot of to it's full potential with trying to plan a derby using the trip planner and the fishing reports. now that it isn't such a lawless site I think we could have some fun with it and maybe get some of our numbers back. As much is i like F.W.R. and some of the other sites they are very political. I think we could make this a really good forum to visit again

Does this lake allow gas motors?

electric only

2 day derby sounds good whats the camp sites like out there are they close to the lake?

theres a government camp site right on the water, dock, boat launch, out houses and lots of trails with good shore fishing opportuities. im pritty sure the camping is free in march too. deer lake is abundant with cut throat, cutbow and rainbow trout you can easily catch 10 to 15 of these fish a day.
Kid fisherman

That weekend sounds good.

That would be awesome.... March 13th!!
We should look at the stocking forcast.Ha Ha

Kakawa.? Is a good bet that time of year aswell.
Cream Corn

soooo is it a go ?? My husband and I would love to be in We haven't been in a derby before not too sure what's involved don't have a lot of time to organise if we can't get prizes is it an option to go $20 (or whatever)from everyone and biggest fish takes it or something like that I would help organise if needed just my thoughts but would really like to see this happen :-)

Fishing forum > fishing derby?


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