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i was at monte lk yesterday and a fisheries guy dropped by to do a survey of the 100's of fishermen.
it seems that the authorities have concluded that we, the fishermen, want kokane in our lakes. the plan is to stock an additional 30 lakes with them. included is pillar lake. they are going to add nutrients to pillar when they stock the koks. i recall they did tis inthe arrow lakes with great results. hope it all goes through as those kos sure taste good!
as for monte, the ice is solid. lots of fishermen but the fishing was slow. we only stayed for a couple of hours as the wind came up (and my partner was a bigger wimp than myself). missed a couple of bites but had suasages for dinner . not what i hoped for!

i would disagree and i'll tell you why.
when i was a kid i grew up living in a lake front home on sulphurous lk.(close to 100 mile) i come from a big family of fish'n fools and we fished that lake hard in the rain wind and snow. we use to catch lots of rainbows out of there some of them over 10lbs. and lots of lakers too that would average over 10lbs. when i was about 12-13 years old fisheries thoght it would be a good idea to stock sulphurous and deca lakes with kokanee. so they just started pounding these kokanee fry in there. i'm sure these kokanee fry made nice snacks for these native fish at first and sure you could still go out and catch your bows and lakers out there. by the time i was 17-18 years old every one and there dog was heading to sulphurous for kokanee and hell ya you could get your limit in no time. by the time i was 20-21yo while every one was out fishing for these stocked kokanees i would hit the lake with my fly rod and try targeting rainbows, for one reason or another i would get skunked on the lake that i had fished for 15 plus years and i know this lake very well. so what i was asking myself is WHERE DID ALL MY TROUT GO? when fisheries would come out and do there surveys i would go out and ask them what had happend to my favorate lake? they could never give me an answer. so i think if some one wants to go catch kokanee, go catch them in a lake that there allready in and please dont stock our lakes with them. when it comes down to it these kokanees that they are stocking are easy to catch and you dont have to be very smart to catch one. on the other hand a true fisherman wants to think like a fish, hunt a fish, fight a fish and catch a wild rainbow.<*)))><

i think/hope they are smarter now. the lakes they are stocking are lakes that are non-productuve . i doubt ver much that they would put anything in a lake with a healthy wild rainbow population. the koks they stock can't reproduce so that theycan discontinue if there are any effects from them. not like the old days.
it was interesting talking to the fishery guy. they treated phillips/skimikin lks last fall for perch and bass.
just before they closed phillips lk to fishing 3 1/2 yrs ago i saw a 10 lb brook trout swimming below my boat. i watched it for at least 5 minutes as it took swipes at my fly that was hanging a few feet off the bottom. i almost died watching it. finally it swam off. i also, the same day lost a couple of nice rainbows and saw several jump. the purpose of this tall tale is that when they treated thelake they did not find one trout. the fishery guy was very surprised what we told him about the trout population.
non-native fish arevery hard on natural stocks, as you know from your story. i hope i am right, that they are smarter now.

i hope they are smarter now too, what little native stocks we have left in this province we must take care and we must treasure them.

Fishing forum > stocking kokanee


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