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I want to try Fly fishing for the first time and in 2 weeks from now im going to buy one so what would you recomend me to buy ?? what size of rod and what kind of reel should i get and what line should i use. i dont know anything abouts this so all the help would be great thank you
The Yak

First its helpful to know what you plan to fish for the most. Fly rods, reels and line come in a variety of sizes and size of fish you intend to catch determines what size of rod you will need. Most people find that a 6 weight rod/reel set up is good for just about all fishng in freshwater in the lower mainland, but if you're talking salmon and steelhead then a heavier rod would be more in order, like an 8 weight.

I personally have a 3 weight and a 6 weight. 99% of the time I fish for trout in lakes so these two rods cover me well. I would use my 6 weight to fish for Pinks and maybe try for some steelhead on it but I think that's pushing it to it's limit. My ideal set up (and this is personal opinion only) is a 3 and a 5 weight for fresh water and an 8 weight for salmon and steelhead. I prefer a lighter rod and fish for the fight and feel of a fish on the line so that is why i would choose the 5 over the 6.

Holler if you need more info.

Hey Fishfreak,
Where do you live, and what type of fishing will you be doing most? For what species? Will you be able to get more than one outfit, or just one to cover all your fishing for now? Take advice from someone who's been through it: if you're serious about flyfishing and plan to have your gear for the long haul, buy the best stuff you can afford. It will make it easier to learn how to fish, it will last longer, it will make catching fish easier and more fun, etc. If you buy too cheap of a set-up, in a year or two (you'll be lucky to go that long) when you become a better flyfisher you'll find your old gear is just not what you want it to be, and you'll end up buying new stuff again. Do it right the first time and you won't go through this (not as quickly anyway...). I realize that it may seem expensive at first, but it'll pay off over a few years of screaming reels! Good rods make casting easier, increase sensitivity, feel better when playing fish, and may have exceptional warranties. Good reels have a nice smooth drag that can really be cranked tight if needed, and have good durable components, and may be anodized to prevent corrosion from salt if you're gonna fish any salt water. Good lines cast farther and easier, they stay limper in really cold water (unlike cheapies that turn into copper wire), and for floating lines, good lines float higher and stay that way longer, which allows you to float heavier flies, maintain more control of your fly, and pick more line up off the water when you cast (instead of having to strip it all in before each new cast). Good leaders allow you to stretch the coils out easy, cheapies are curvy for life (which renders them fairly useless). Are you starting to see what I mean? You don't have to spend thousands, but you'll likely want to spend a couple of hundred (minimum)if you can. Of course, you can only afford what you can afford.
Good luck w your decision. Post the answers to the above questions if you can, and I'm sure that I or one of the others can give you more help.

I wont be fishing in saltwater with it i have all other gear just for salt water and i have all seperate gear for river (DRIFT FISHING) but i wanna take up FLY.. i will mostly be doing lake fishing for nice rainbow trouts etc.. i want something i can use as well as for river fishing like cutties,the smaller species of salmon like coho,pinks,and steelhead would be nice, i dont know what kind of line to get so some brand names would be nice and pound test, if you can tell me what you have for a rod and length and reel, im cluless to all of this i have never even touched a fly rod in my life but im very interested in it, also when your out on the water how much line do you strip off the reel before makeing your casts ??? all and any info would be great THANK YOU

I have found the dragonfly rods excellent value for the money. A few years ago, I got a four piece 6 wt for under 100$ I also have a 4wt 2 piece dragonfly rod which I paid 120$.

I find the dragonfly reels with a drag are also very good. They come in 3 sizes, Models #355 (trout), 375 and 395 (Salmon). Again excellent value for the money.

Fly line should be the best you can affort. Anything from cortland or scientific anglers is usually good.

Talk to the people at Micheal and Young in Surrey. They are fly fishing specialists.

hawg hunter

I think Ben said it best. Buy the best quality you can afford. Personally I bought a Dragonfly set up(6 weight) a couple of years ago. I then upgraded my reel a year later. (Gloomis). This year I upgraded my fly rod to the Gloomis GL3( 5 weight). Having said all this the Dragon fly kit proved to be excellent at the time. I primarily fish local lakes and the Interior. I found the 6 weight to be more than adequate for for the smaller fish locally and enough to land 5-6 pound rainbows in the interior. I did find after enough fishing that the 6 weight was a bit heavy for chironomid fishing. Thus the reason I went for a lighter rod this time. Granted I just bought the new rod and have yet to use it. I am contemplating returning and purchasing a 4 weight. I think where ever you go if you want an all round rod to start off go with a 6 weight. As for the line definately go with the best you can afford. It is amazing the difference it makes. As far as line type, personally, I found I do the majority of my fishing with the 444 cortland camo, intermediate sink. It seem to do the job for the shallow lakes in the interior and locally. Do note, there is nothing more amazing, even all those steelhead your catching in the rivers, well maybe, than catching large rainbows on chironomids or dry flies. Do your best not to "skimp" out on the dry line. Best of luck. Try talking to Vanessa at Gills, she is very helpful and will not try to "upsell" you.
The Yak

Hey Fishfreak.. I'm looking to sell my six weight set up. It only has one season on it (8 to 10 outings). It sounds like the exact same set up as Anonymous but I have an extra spool for my reel. Here's the particulars.
Dragonfly 6wt (with a fighting butt)
BFR 355 (British Fly Reel) Fly reel
2 spools:
1 Floating Line, Scientific Angler Wt Forward #6 and
1 Full Sink Type 3 Scientific Angler Supreme2 Wt Forward #7

I'll let it all go including a rod holder for 150 bucks.

I think it might cost around 250-300 new for all that. Correct me if im wrong guys. It's been a while since I've looked at rod and reel prices. And I think this is a great way to start out.

Rod: $100-130?
Reel: $90
Line: Times two $60 + $60
Extra Spool: $20
Rod and Reel Holder: $30

I calculate $360 new? Sell for $150
Let me know...if you're interested. Or anyone else for that matter.
(that's my lifetime worth of forum spam right there!)

YAK- ITS SOLD i will get it from you in a week or so just hang on to it i need to get paid first tell me your email addy and i will give you my phone number

The Yak

My name is Doug

Sorry YAK something came up and i cant get it right now SORRY
The Yak

That's ok...I've got time if you do... If you want I can meet you some were so you can test cast it if you like. Im not the greatest caster in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but if thats whats holding you up I could try to give you some pointers... Meet for coffe and answer some questions whatever you want.. NO biggie though.. it's up to you...


That is a good deal!!! If you're not interested anymore I would certainly like to buy this rod a reel combo from The Yak.


The Yak

Hey DWG..Im going to be at the fly fishing show this weekend friday and saturday...look for me if you're going..

Im in a wheelchair so i'll be easy to find and my name is doug or the yak if you prefer.. if you want to email me your phone # or whatever

The Yak,

I have sent you an email with my phone number at work. Sorry, I won't be able to go to the Flyfishing show.
Call me at work when you want.


hey fishfreak,

could you give me some advice on the chehalis river right now? what kind of bait we should be using? good time of days? locations you like? we're all going up for my birthday in a couple of weeks, and wanna get some hooks.


Well i only fish at the hatchery and caught a couple of steelies there but thats when the snow was melting and the water was really high, i havent been there in a while cause the water is really low, as for bait, i have been useing a small peice of white yarn and a pink Jensen egg, untill the water comes up i would recomend the vedder river right now seems like there is more fish in the system now, Chehalis is a good place to fish if you dont like crowds but when the water is low the fishing sucks, you can always try the easter seal run just down from the one way bridge heard thats good place to try i havent gone there yet but im just gonna keep trying my luck at the vedder hope this works for you ?? if you have any questions just ask ok.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY (EARLY)

Hey Fishfreak,

Thanks very much for your advice. I'll let you know if I have any other questions.



We are just amateurs in the grand scheme of things...What part of the river do you recommend? Is the Ranger run all thats its cracked up to be? We've fished under the bridge before and we've had alot of success there, but i'm not sure how the water is right now.

Basically, we don't have much knowledge on where the runs are right now.. Any ideas on areas on the vedder would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for your help.
Dyer Straits

alibuba - i think i may be able to answer your question(s). Ranger Run: The Ranger Run is a very large pool. It has changed somewhat over the past couple years but it remains a good spot. Ranger Run does hold steelies right now and all season. In fact the steelhead will stack up in there during march. This all sounds great right? Well its not all good. Ranger receives a tremendous amount of pressure. There are guys there everyday. That is one reason why so many fish come out of that hole. The fish can also be slightly leader shy because of the pressure therefore they will not hit as hard or as often.
As to other runs on the vedder well...there are a lot. To give you a starting point, the lickman road area has been producing well. If you begin at Lickman Rd. parking lot and start walking up you may have some success. Above Lickman (between Peach and Lickman) there is a very long run. If you fish it from the south side it may be easier but that big run has been producing a lot of fish. You may also want to try the big run just above peach road. It is the big run where the water riffles into a long pool and on the south side there are log jams. Good water. One last place worth trying is the On The Way/Wilson road area. Walk in at Wilson Road and cover all the water down to Gun Barrel/ On The Way. As for bait you could try chuckin roe or pink worms as these seem to produce the best.
Regarding the chehalis, I can't tell you much but try easter seal/bible camp run. Hatchery may produce in higher water but it is difficult because of the braided water flow. If the water at the hatchery were the same as in the fall, wow it would be a great hole. Try walking down from ES to hatchery and maybe down to purdy's.
Gun Barrel
Upper Peach
Wilson Road

Fishfreak: It's too bad you couldn't pick up that set up from the Yak. Sounded like a great deal. Keep in mind however, that although it would have been an excellent set-up for the interior (I live there...), it is very difficult to get one set-up to cover you for rainbows, pinks, and especially steelies and cohos. A 6 weight will cover all your trout needs, and will be good for fish up to 8lbs or so. I have caught much bigger on my 6wt, but you have to play the sh*t out of them to land them, and this is hard on anadromous species, and is NOT condusive to catch and release. I have used my six weight for pinks, and it is okay for the smaller ones, but a couple of bigger brutes were tough to land. That was also at a river mouth where there was little (no) current, if they get into the current, you'd have a harder time yet. As for other salmon and steelies, you can do that on one rod, but you probably want a 9 weight. You will still have a tough time with fish over 15lbs in the current! Remember, some of these fish will die before they spawn if they're played too long, especially if they're hooked more than once. As for the reel, big fish will burn the drag off it, and the pin that holds the spool on will bend when you palm your reel very hard to hold back big fish. I'm not sure what the quality of the BFR (yak's sale) is like, but I thought my fenwick was decent quality before fishing at the mouth of the Adams in the fall, where along with some nice 'bows I was accidentaly hooking the odd sockeye, and even the odd spring. My reel didn't last the autumn.

Dyer Straits,

Thanks very much for your advice - it's greatly appreciated and we will definately trust your wise words.

Thanks again and we'll let you know how it goes in a couple of weeks!

Dyer Straits

Good Luck buddy, I hope you pull one out.

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