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Author Topic: where does the $ go?

when you post a report it shows $0.14 earnd.
am i missing something here?
where does the $ go?

You must be short of cash this Christmas, send me your address and I'll pass it on to Santa. I'm sure he will help.

i dont need the $1.43. i was just asking cause i wasnt sure.
So this is real $? is what i was asking.
And hey if you see Santa you can tell him i want a 50lbs. trust electric. I might be on the nody list this year as i have been a baaaaaaaad boy. lol.....

abe, make sure the elec. motor has power save or whatever it is called. without it, a battery lasts only a few hours.
i know.........!!!

sooooo baaaaad.....
but they tast so goooood....
those yummy sockeyes <*)))><

I'll do my very best, have a great Christmas.


....we used to pay via PayPal to email addresses registered on accounts. I don't know if it is a major issue, but maybe our sys admin can restore that. Also we can do it manually if necessary.....

as for me, I believe this reward system is good for sharphooks, but only if we keep to polite comments, and banter in good form and encourage new members. Thank you to all who have responded to the "Clean Up" and keep it up for the New Year.

Thanks abe for raising this subject.

Thank you for your effective efforts mrjeff and I too look forward to a cleaner forum next year.

yes, thank you for your excellent job.


Sycophantic drivel aside, that was a half-answer at best. The administrator should continue to pay out this money or remove the $ part entirely and maybe quantify merit of reports another way.

MrJeff says:
"as for me, I believe this reward system is good for sharphooks, but only if we keep to polite comments, and banter in good form and encourage new members"

This reward system is non-existent and is completely unrelated to peoples' comportment and forum contribution. This "reward system" is supposed to be in place to encourage people to contribute and to make those contributions well thought out and helpful.

I have nothing against the 2 new moderators in any way, but question the justification for this. The only change I have seen since that whole debacle began is that contribution has gone down significantly. That which remains is mostly ass-kissing, suck-up empty comments. I know that I personally checked the forum several times a day and now I might check it every other day or maybe if I am bored, once a day. Then when I do there is nothing of any value to read; so no reason to contribute or reply from my perspective. Check for yourselves, the number of replies since the mods were added rarely reaches 2 digits anymore.

So I ask again (seeing as Abe is pacified with that answer). What is with the $ and it's relation to the fishing reports section?

I am not just talking about 2 people. And I do not necessarily miss them. Clean or not, the posts have gone down a lot. Look through the list, those that remain are pretty weak on content and as such get little in the way of replies. Most of the ones on the list are also very specifically regional and not general fishing related. Look at the numbers on the ones that are general, they at least generate some conversation.

All I am saying is what is the point of two strutting "Sheriffs" in a ghost-town? Before our moderators were added, there were still people here. I am not trying to sow discord, just making an observation, I will not drag it out or belabor it; I will instead just find another forum if this one truly has gone the way of the dodo birds.

Back to the original question yet again, what's up with the money thing? If it is not money then why not just call it "Happy Helpful Fisherman Points" or something else (slightly less stupid) that is truthful? How can you be moderators if you do not even have the ear of "The Great OZ" that runs this site? :-S

sorry but i disagree with your observations about content down. if you were to look back on prior years at this time , there is very little activity on this site. it seems steelhead fishermen generally do not report much so there is little else going on.
i certainly prefer to be able to access the site and know i am not going to see a lot of crap! what discussion has gone on recently does concern fishing.
if yoou want to start a discusion , start one. as i recall, you are a relatively new fisherman so you sould have lots of obsrvations you have made in the last year or questions you wish to ask about your adventures,
as for the moderators, keep up the great work.
oh, and the rewards. as i recall it when i joined the site. the moderator "paid" $ for fishing reports. if one accumulated enough money they got a full membership in sharphooks which entitled you to discounts with the sponsors. as well, there used to be competitions with prizes from some sponsor. i gather the persuit of sponsors did not continue and things here changed.

I start threads when I have something to say or ask. I am not actively fishing right now because I just don't have the time and my car will not reach the safe frozen lakes at high elevations. I AM relatively new to this site and to the area I live in, however I have been fishing for almost 25 years. Because of that I do not have a lot of new questions nor observations. I have had questions about local specific issues, but have the basics well in hand. I am glad you guys are finding this a change for the better. I am just not so sure that I agree and I guess those differences are what make us all unique. I do not myself try to control or stifle the masses. Instead if I see something I do not like I "change the channel". We have so many threads here, I never thought it was worth getting torqued over some adolescent members having a p**sing contest over a puddle. Maybe I am just not the prime demographic for the atmosphere many of you are trying to create. That is fair enough, I just thought I would comment and see if I was alone in this or if my view was common and under-represented. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and I am curious to see what "The Great Oz" has to say...

OK so let us call an end to this topic unless "abe" has something to say.

PS bently. The reel was not a centerpin just an early fly reel but I do love your posts and more so if they were a little shorter.

PS all. Please read the rules about word subsitution for swear words and disharmony.


when you post a report it shows $0.14 earnd.
am i missing something here?
where does the $ go?
was my question. i guess that makes me a bad guy?
im sorry theres nothing on this site that explanes this $
and i had to ask because i didnt know.

Thank's abe, and no not a bad guy. I can and have given the only reply I recieved from the owner. I do know that money is earned by using google ads on the site. Each time one is clicked a few cents will be generated. Also there is a link to hotels and there should be some revenue generated here. So I guess the money earned from these sources should be distributed to us members.

At present it is not and therefore the money earned goes nowhere except stays in the owners pocket.

I think until we decide to mutiny the site in some way we will never have all the answers.

Fishing forum > where does the $ go?


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