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Why was the "bottom bouncing" topic deleted??? Or is it just to cater to certain individuals on here? It explained the difference between legitimate bottom bouncing and flossing. Isn't it better to have the differences explained to anglers? I have used this method for over 40 years where circumstances dictate not being able to use a float. I have shown other anglers how, when and where to use this method along with short floating, how to properly fish spoons and spinners, how to rig for bait, rubber worms w.h.y. Here's another discussion from another board taking place the last few days, no need to delete it there -

I noted that you started the post but took no part in the discussion. The discussion was well out of hand and ceased to be useful. I still have all the comments and may be prepared to summarise. But a few good pointers here is to say what a description of fishing IS and leave out the what it is NOT. As I found from searching the internet for "Flossing", there is no clear understanding.

Bottom bouncing is a method of fishing, as is trolling. If you regularly catch fish by anything other than a bite, hook in mouth, then your application of that method is wrong.

So what is wrong with having this info posted so other anglers can learn the difference between the two? Isn't that the whole idea to have a more and better informed angler
Yes Bently I know this isn't BCFR, at least there it can be discussed. I notice you have nothing to say over there on the topic.
Mrjeff, I googled "flossing fishing" and came up with pages on flossing and there is quite a good understanding of what flossing is.
Until such time as DFO and MOE can come up with any regulations (don't hold your breath) regarding flossing we are stuck with it.
What better place than on a fishing forum to differentiate between the two, bottom bouncing has been around for many years and is a recognized and accepted angling method, flossing with 10' -25' leaders has only been around since the Fraser opened to retention of sockeye.

The point is that I don't think anyone could tell the difference from the discussion. Except that fisherfolk can get quite irate if they can't get their own way. What is wrong with the simple approach as suggested in my last reply?

Yes the previous topic was getting out of hand which seems to happen a fair bit on here. Is the following your simple approach, "Bottom bouncing is a method of fishing, as is trolling. If you regularly catch fish by anything other than a bite, hook in mouth, then your application of that method is wrong." If so you have hit it right on with HOOK IN MOUTH. I have used the old school bottom bouncing method of a piece of pencil lead with a leader of about 16" - 24" with spin-n-glos, gooey bobs, wingdings and etc. where the flows have not been fishable with a float and always find the hook in the fishes mouth. With the flossing method you'll nearly always find the fish hooked from the outside of the mouth in. I remember when the Freshwater Regs. defined angling as enticing a fish to bite your offering and "hooked in the mouth".

Hey, come on bently, he is not having a go at you, at least I don't think so. Why don't you pal up and go fishing together.

Your last post will be deleted. And I get the last word.


bottom fishing is for lazy people

Bottom bouncing is for the loser on fishing with rod lol

Fishing forum > Bottom bouncing is not flossing!!!!


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