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Thinking of doing some Dolly Fishing.
Can you recommend any lures?

Gibbs Croc, Silver, hammered with an orange/red stripe running across the top.

Works for me at least.

- Andre

BLACK FURY baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dollys will eat anything,they are scavengers. Any colored spoon, spinner or bait will work. Finding them is the hardest part

BTW earl grey that river looks familiar, I think I have pulled a dolly or bull trout or several out of there before

My buddy identified this as a dolly. Doesn't look like a dolly to me. Doesn't look like a rainbow or a brown to me either. any ideas?

Another bad pic, but more of the tail. ran it through photoshop, best i could get..

bull trout

thanks for the info guys
is it a good idea to put a worm on a lure of anykind for dollys or will it be too much

how do you guys tell the difference between a dolly and a bull trout? because they are really similar..
by the looks of the white tip of the bottom fins, its a dolly to me? however bull trout have it too.

also the colouring makes it look like a sea run dolly to me, because its silverish with white/ yellowish spots

- andre

Look on page 60 of the 2009 - 2011 Freshwater Fishing Synopsis, there are good pics there. Easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the mouth, dollies end at the eye and bulls the mouth extends well past the eyes.

ah, thank you for clearing that up.

- andre




pitt lake.

Fishing forum > Dolly Fishing


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