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Hey Europuma, I got that picture of the 9lb brood on my scale!!! It was so heavy reeling it in!!! Awesome Catch!

Closer Look!

And look at the size difference from 6lb to 9lb!
The fish at the top was at least 4 inches longer than the other fish below!

Yeah man, its been eating for so long!!!
Im surpriesed it lasted that long, HAHAHAHA
My brother went yesterday and caught a 6lb himself!

so ugly looking haha

why do you freeze them whole like that????

nice catch though

What kind of moderator comment is that??? WOW but...
Some people have different taste, but most of them i do not eat myself but give away to family and have had no complaints!! But nothing beats using the smoker with hickory chips!
But i get your point and already no this, i have caught way better tasting fish than these broods! There just for fun and i am allowed to keep my limit also!

as long as someone eats the fish, then he is okay in my books to keep his limit

yes sir those are the only types of 'bows worth keeping imo as well

Caught two 6lb trout today at lafarge , both released in water!
Also caught a small 11" trout but kept it for a sandwich for fishing tmmr! LOL!

thought id hit up Green Timbers one more time before it gets fished out,

i also ran into Europuma who caught a few broodstocks as well.

Was that caught with powerbait?? cause i imagine flys being hard to fish from shore!
And what colour of powerbait if it was???

All my fishing at that lake is with a fly rod now,

i dont pyshically wiegh them, i just guess,

Which fly were guys both using to catch those broods at green timbers?

i caught mine on a Red Woolly Bugger, Europuma wasnt using fly gear, he was using spoons/spinners and bait

Nice, I usally catch all mine on a black or olive wolly bugger!
They just rip my fly to shreads after two or three broods!!!
I never tried a red one before? But im quessing there will pretty much bite everything that looks edible in the water!

Ive seen europuma fishing plenty of times at lafarge and sometimes fish with him also but he usually gets all of his big old broods on just power-bait!
They love that stuff so much during the first 2 weeks!!
Then they realize it isn't really a safe food source and get scared off to bite another edible item!! LOL

i tried the olive and black ones as well, but all my hits were on the Red one, they dont really care tho. as long as it looks attractive, they will bite it.

what spinner did you use ??

and europuma, why u not at lafarge anymore???

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Good for you Kelso, I was just going to edit it or delete it. Let us see if the member changes the post to something more constructive.

Fishing forum > broodstock pictures


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