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Hoping to hit it up for a day trip with a friend this weekend to do some drift fishing, hows the river looking? any recent fish being caught?

sounds like fun


Nice looking Coho antics, we went to the Serpontine 64 instead, only a couple cutthroat from some other people, other than that, no salmon, they were jumping though. What were you using? spoons and spinners?

Thanks Breath!Actually its a Spring.We were using spinners(Coho Killers)We were going for coho but we got this lunker!!Catch and Release my Friend!!!


OHH, i thought it was a Coho, wasnt looking close enough, sorry, lol. yea me and my friend at the serpentine were using bait (like Roe, worms, etc,) but i got talking to another fellow, and he said the worms would be great for cutthroat, but i wanted to hook a couple salmon. So he said Spinners would be my best bet to piss them coho and springs to bite, because most of the salmon in those two rivers are aggressive, so they wont just slurp on the roe, and that spinners would be my best bet. do you believe in this Antics? if so, what spinners would you suggest? brand wise and size, im not asking for specific colours, just a general idea. I was thinking Blue Fox's in Size 3 maybe?

Wow, nice "spring" hopefully he's able to complete the mission to create some more big "springs" like himself

i see u removed the pic of the "spring". You should not be fishing if you cant tell the diff between a coho and a spring. let me guess, if that fish was cleaner you would have bonked it? That would have made you a poacher and a beak

fin its a pic and i thought it was a hoe to cause thats what it looked being tomato coulerd and all and i personaly no breathin in and he makes sure he no's what hes bonking before he does it


for anyone who is confused that fish picture is 100% a WILD COHO SALMON (please release with care, and I recommend not even taking them out of the water like that for a picture if they are that coloured). Still was at one point a real beauty fish however!

I apoilgize if I was wrong! But this fish was at least 16 or 17lb and didn't think the coho in this river got that big.
I did release it quickly and properly!


Like i said before, i still think it is a Coho, but chill out, its not like Antics was fishing for food, not alot of people that fish those rivers do. I also hate how everyone asumes that if the fish was taken out of the water to take a picture that it was mishandled and wont survive, most fisherman keep the fish in the water well the other person gets the camera ready. its not like the guy in the picture was holding the fish for 5min out of water helping the guy get the camera ready, he most likely kept it in water and waited for the picture to be taken, than revived the fish, and kept fishing. You guys really need to chill out

Sorry I was not implying nor suggesting that the angler had caused harm to the fish I was just speaking on what I would do, not trying to boss people around.

Yes Coho do reach the 20 pound mark quite often, in fact thats an average weight up north..

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