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stave river. I think it's a rainbow or jack not entirely sure :P

It was hatchery too, So thats why i htought it was a jack but it did also have a faint rainbow stripe down the middle so i thought it might have been a steelhead smolt

Dont worry. Im not one of those people who go out to snag salmon that one was caught on a size 1/8 oz. hammerede croc with a blue stripe. If only i could get the coho to bite it! >.<

does anyone have any special lures that work for coho?

someone at neaves was twlling me about that lure too they say its their friends #1

can i ask what sizes you use?

once again fishinforlife you dont know what you are talking about. blue foxes come in size 0 to 6. No size 8. Trying to help is one thing but you keep posting false info, whats up?

size 8 would be HUGE

and yeah today i just bought a size threee all gold one, thought id try that out. and i bought a size 55 kit-a-mat silver with an orange back

do you fish the alouette much?

i've tried before but had the wrong setup:P but i was talking about the river for salmon

pot of gold under the rainbow leads to all the great cohoes

I know theres no goldbridge lol. he might be talking about the new golden ears bridge though. And the fin Im sure there is much more coho than that in the river. The hatchery is way at the top of the river allco park, while the majority of the coho (probley) spawn in the slower parts of the river like neaves, theres tons of coho around there because you hook so many of them.

fishing is serious bussiness

unless people are going to post actual information on this forum don't post anything at all.

I caught it on a size 1/8 croc and i didnt think taking a fish out of the water for a picture was mistreating a fish

Im done with this site, the really neeed to get the moderator back on here. all it is now is 4-5 people beckering about how the like flossing and how the other few are against it, its really annoying when every post on this forum in the last month - 2months have been nothing but nonsense, tight lines - Breathinginsulfer

generally i like to fish colorado spinners in sizes 3to5 beacuse they are cheap to make easy to fish on a drift rod and can be (at times) very effective for salmon

That was on a Croc!

awesome! too bad most of salmon fishing is slowing down is there any river systems that are still good?

i brought up this thread for a purpose. fishinforlife made several posts. check out his profile. he has some of mr grey1 and one of himself. mr grey1, can you tell us who this idiot is or probably better , contact him and tell him to back off.
the moderator had good reason to ban him. as you will see in this thread he constantly gave wrong info. he also became very abusive towards anyone who did not agree, calling them names. i think chris s. complained about him when hebecame active on here and found fishinforlife rude and abusive. (going by memory chris s. and it is not perfect !).
it is not right for someone to terorize a bunch of people trying to enjoy talking fishing ! the filth that the moderator had to delete was disgusting. the person doing this needs help. it sure looks like it is fishinforlife because of what he said. i recognized it fairly quickly but the moderator had it seems already figured it out. if it is, and you do know him mr grey1, do us all a favour and tell him to back off. he could find himself in a lot of trouble.

Nice 1.5lb Rainbow

Another one, different lake
Fish'n BC

Hey fish22; nice fish!
Fish'n BC

Awesome fish for shore fishing Dumptruck17. Must be an interior lake lol.

Fishing forum > local fishing pics


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Tue, May 15, 2018
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