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Author Topic: Salmon fishing in the rain?

Looks like the weather will be pretty bad this weeekend. Is Salmon fishing in the rain a waste of time? I have some good rain gear; however, if the fish don't bite in the rain, why bother?
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It really depends on the amount of rain we get....A little is ok and may even improve fishing......What is forecast presently is not a little and will most likely "Blow out the rivers" which means that they become tea like....cloudy and filled with wash out debris...tough fishing fer sure....

After a good rain is when I find fishing to be the best, as long as the river isn't "blown out" that is. This is because the river is usually cloudy and the fish are less easily spooked. There's usually a lot of them hanging around most of the slower side pools on the river where you can basically "dip" for them if you're flossing. As things are right now, most of the fish are holding in the middle of the river where the water is the deepest, which makes it harder to hook into em unless you know what you're feeling for. I saw a lot of risers in the middle today at the Tamahi rapids, a few nice hatchery fish caught...I couldn't hook anything though. Bring the rain!!

bently.... wow. If you haven't noticed, a good majority of people on the flows use the flossing method. Till it's outlawed (if it ever is) keep hating buddy. I've read a lot of your post on here and I can clearly see you're one of those who are heavily against it. There's no need to be calling people a "snaggot", not everyone who flosses intends to foul hook fish and keep em too.

Jeez Bently, everyone who uses the forum knows how you feel, do you really need to hijack every thread to cry like a baby about flossers? You're not gonna change anyones opinion, maybe just stick to the topic?

just coz i run 12 feet of line under that float in 4 feet of water doesn't make me a flosser!!!!!!

You mad?

I was just giving the common example of the new aged beeko on the vedder, assuming the fish that is hooked in the dorsal fin was missed its attempt at biting your offering

Does it usually take a day or 2 after a rain fall for the river to be "blown out" or does it happen right away? Or is it hard to predict when its gonna become blown out? And yes i flossed those 2 sockeye, and if it opens for sockeye next year I'll do the same but that being said, that is the only time and place I'll fish with that technique as the rest of time I'm trolling or fly fishing for trout.

Fishing forum > Salmon fishing in the rain?


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