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I have heard that people are flossing Coho, especially at Keith Wilson bridge. I decided to have a look for myself. I saw a bunch of guys fishing but I did not notice the tell tale long leaders. But I did notice they had quite long distances from their float. Is that flossing.... I got skunked yesterday and want to try something difference but not flossing.

I watched a bunch of guys fishing KW bridge this morning and I only saw one person properly float fishing out of about 10. You don't need a long leader to floss , these guys were fishing wool with their floats lying sideways on the water instead of straight up and down and would do the tell tale "rip" at the end of their drift. A sideways float is understandible when fishing coloradoes as there are many ways to fish them but not wool.

you can actually use a float sideways with a colorado on a retrieve ex) when fishing a deep pool and the fish are not on bottom i will use a float and weight set up as the colorado is a bit light to toss on its own and will cast out and retrieve, the float will appear sideways as im retrieving, but it keeps the colorado from sinking too deep but it is not snaggin or flossing, it is one method of many to fish a colorado or when fishing the swing, cast out and let the colorado swing in towards shore, the float will appear sideways. that is what i am referring to otherwise totally agree

Ya , I never mentioned about using coloradoes drifting normally, i merely explained there are situations that can look like snagging when fishing coloradoes when in fact you are not. On a retrieve, increasing drag on a drift and on a swing with coloradoes are the only times my float is not straight up and dowm (and it is adjusted to the bottom of the paint). understand what I meant in my first post???? certain situations when fishing a colorado it is understandible otherwise it isn't
Eat the rich

i was around lickman on Sunday. There was a few people there one guy hooked into 2 and was using that sideways float method with the pull on the end of the drift they both broke the hook which made me happy as a pig in Sh**. I got nothing but just had a question on how much weight you should use. My leader is from the tip of my middle finger to about 2 or 3 inches past my elbow and my weight is about 2.5" long. My float sits up higher than an inch above the water. Is this ok or should i add more?

Fishing forum > Vedder Flossing


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