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Hi guys, i just wanted to ask when is fishing for coho and chum available and what do you use to catch the fish?
Do you floss it?
Or do you catch it on roe?
Or any other ways to catch them?
Please help.

Thanks guys i will follow these steps.
But what do you use to catch spring and chum on the fraser?

So i use a bouncing betty and a 5 foot leader and tie a spoon on the end?
Please tell me the set up.
Thanks guys im new to salmon sorry.

Y: Check out the site:
It has some good info. on techniques.

Thank you very much Bently

Thanks for the vid links.Many useful tips on it.

B is correct, check out: along w/ their videos on youtube.

Another good site is:

I just moved to the area, so Salmon fishing is new to me, also. I got some bad attitudes from some tackle shops (I guess business is just to good to deal w/ a newbie like me) and then I went to Riverside Fly and Tackle in Coquitlam. No, I don't work there, but they've had all of my business since July because they took the effort to introduce me to the sport.

1 =Flossing is not required or condoned, and is for beeks who can't fish in a sporting manner

Best part about this forum eh bently.
If you would have said that on FWR you would have been banned for life!
good to be able to express your true feelings

Fishing forum > Coho and Chum On The Fraser


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