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Too Damn Hot !

Where can you go to fish thats within 2 hours of Vancouver during this heat wave ?
All I can think of is Alta in Whistler as it's deep enough for year round fishing. Buntzen is slow for bait fishing off the shore and the boat launch is under water making it almost impossible to launch my boat and troll deep.
I tried my U boat at Brohm in Squamish but only hooked into one little guy.
Lake of the Woods in Hope was a bust as was Rice lake (tried drowning worms for two hours without a bite.)
So people......where do you go when it's Too Damn Hot !

Alta was good for small ones at the beginning of this month. I hear guys have reasonable success at Mike Lake in Maple Ridge.

I'm actually heading out to Mike Lake tomorrow morning, I'll report back and let you guys know how it is.

if you can handle the recreational pressure, alouette will still produce due to the size and depth.
fisher 696

How about the Pitt ???

Pitt produces but can be dangerous as it is tidal and winds can pick up real fast. If you are in a small boat you can end up stranded. I've read it is basically a year round fishery. Yellow mayflies can be real effective.

Tried Mike lake last nite.
It was a bust......looked at Allouette last week but the winds were too strong for my little 10' & electric
Stopped in at Whonnock......I've never been there before and the sign said gates close at "Dusk"....I asked around and no one knew what time "Dusk" was so I figures I'd come back another day as it was already 8:00 and didn't want to get on the water only to have to quit in an hour.
Thanks for all the suggestions.

your all crazy. the fraser has been producing 20-40lbs. chinook salmon for 2 weeks now and theres expected openings for sockeye soon with lots of these fish being landed allready. gear up and head to the fraser for a fishing opportunity of a life time.
trout fishing is for spring and fall, a good rule of thumb is when the trout stop bitting the salmon are in the river


Were not Crazy !....We just prefer the "Quiet serenity" of lake fishing trout rather than the "Boisterous mayham" of river fishing salmon.( I've seen one too many a fist fight over preceived wrongs )
I started the post looking for ideas as to where I could go to fish during the summer doldrums while waiting for the fall fishing to kick in.
I've done the river thing and I didn't find standing shoulder to shoulder, having to cast in order, snagging other peoples lines who don't know how to retrieve there lines on time,loosing $5-$10 worth of gear each time I snagged bottom , having to constantly retie lines only to finally pull in what felt like a log.( granted it was a very tasty log ! ) Give me a fly rod, a beautiful quiet lake and a fiesty trout anyday....... Each to his own Abe.......I wish you all the luck and fun of your river fishing


well said Bear

Could not agree more, and well stated.

You could try the Showh Lakes up by Whistler, they are fairly high(2800ft). Also Callaghan Lake(3950ft) and or Madeley lake are quite high up too.

tight lines

Mike lake on the 24th was a bust for me as well. Had 2 hits in 3 hours on a pumpkinhead, saw a few small risers and 2 nice jumpers. Ended up leaving and went to Rolley instead. A LOT more action there, we got on the water at about 2pm and were hooking into fish around 3! My buddy was getting them on a pink custom made fly, I was using a black bead head mini leech(A black woolly bugger will also produce). Lots of light hits throughout the afternoon, I hooked into one while reeling in really fast to check my hook to make sure it didn't have any weeds or anything on it, also got one while kicking back to shore around 8pm....shook the hook though

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