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Ritchie Blackmore Junior

I caught a strange looking fish while chum fishing in the Albion box on the Fraser river a year back. I could get a picture of it, thats the sucky part. it looked like a cross between a Sculpin/Bullhead with a froglike head and a greenling. it was very thin and yellow looking. anyone have an idea of what it might have been?

i cought a fish just like that last weekend on the fraser just down from the rosedale bridge. im an avid fisherman and I've nevere seen anything like it before. my dad was with me to and hes been fishing the fraser for 40years and he had no idea what it was.
verry wierd i have no pi of the fish but im going to try and find it i'll get back on here soon

Blennies are popular aquarium fish, and for good reason. They are peaceful, colorful, and many are downright helpful. For example, the aptly named Lawnmower Blenny will keep your green algae well trimmed and presentable. With the exception of Fang Blennies, Blennies are totally reef safe- in fact a reef environment is really best for them because they can be shy and the intricate rockwork of a reef provides ample hiding spaces. They are omnivores and should be fed a varied diet of frozen or live foods and plant matter. Blennies don't have teeth or functional jaw, so food must be small enough for them to swallow whole.
Blennies are often confused with Gobies, but there is an easy way to tell the difference. Gobies have two distinct dorsal fins, Blennies have a single dorsal fin that runs the length of their body. Also, Gobies' pelvic fins are fused to form a sucker, similar to Remoras.[43] text from wikipedia. the fish i cought looked kind of like this but not exactly the same

ya res good for shmoken eh'

Fishing forum > I dont know what it is....


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