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How busy does Mike lake usually get? asking a usual of course.

- Andre

Mill lake you mean? Mr. Grey, what were you catching these on?

haha sorry, Mill lake I mean.

Nice, I've got a few of those rapala minnows, as well as "rattlin raps" etc...have to try em out there one day.

Ahhh..... havent caught any bass since I lived in the Okanagan. What other lakes down here have them? Looks like you were just catching them off the dock? can you use an electric motor on mill lake or is it just float tubes and such?

hey mr grey,nice pics with little duck,i guess hes' seen you so often at mill lake he probably says' 'theres my daddy' and came up to you. lol , keep up the great pics' n tips. peace.

I'm thinking of heading out there this weekend, any tips on what to use? I usually troll a fly (because I am a terrible caster. Are most guys using floating or sinking line? maybe I'll bring my spinning rod and cast into the lillies pads for bass as well.

use a sink tip with any color leech pattern, wooly buggers, doc spratleys, or nymphs. Its hard to go there and not catch fish. There are some bigger ones but majority of the trout are 10 - 14 in

sweet catches Mr.Grey.
they look a pretty decent size for an urban lake,
as with your rainbows too!

straight off the rez, you are an idiot. All you do is shit talk people, you never add any thing positive to this site. I dont see you ever posting any reports so why dont you grow up or screw off. Mr grey adds the more info and pictures than anyone else.He has posted pics of Kokanees, dollies, rainbows,cutties,bass and sunfish all within the past 2 weeks so why dont you think before you say something stupid that just makes you look worse than you already do. I betcha you wont find 1 person that has your back on this

now, now, we don't need to lower ourselves to that level. let us just ignore the irrelevant people of this site and in the world, and continue with whats important.

Quantity means nothing, it's about quality.

Yes ive only got 12 posts but thats cuz ive only been a member for 6 weeks, you on the other hand have been a member for almost 2 YEARS and have not once posted a report or pictures, just replies.Whats up with that? And outta your 66 replies Ill bet that most of them were immature unprovoked insults. I know you think youre really funny and smart but youve proved time and time again youre not. Lets just drop it, this is supposed to be about fishing not petty bs

Settle down children, and the fin, you look just as stupid as you as well are arguing.
Bass man

Bass man

bass are hungry

Fishing forum > Mill Lake Bass is doing well..


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