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Awesome pics!!

That second pic is the money shot man!

meat fisherman is right. why do old people always take so many fish home

Because he can !!!! nice catch

"meat fisherman is right. why do old people always take so many fish home"

Especially when they fish every day,do the math.

Heres my pic of Allouette Lake taken in 06 hauln in my brand new Honda.

"Especially when they fish every day,do the math. "

Having to eat 4 fish every day; this sounds more like a punishment...
90% of fish eaten by 10% of fisherman, this is the math.
The pictures are beautiful.
Thank you Mr. Grey1.

what on earth is wrong with keeping fish to eat? 5 koks like mr grey 1 showed are a nice meal for 2 addults. he is not wasting fish. he is eating them. if the wildlife dept did not want fish kept they would make the laws accordingly. instead they stock them in lakes so people who pay upwards of $90 per year can enjoy them. the money goes towards stalking the lakes. as well, like the prior post said, not many of you purists would let a salmon go and they are far more rare, and precious than the koks in allouettte lk or elsewhere. leave mr grey1 alone. he goes to the trouble of posting the results of his fishing so the rest of us have an idea as to where to go to catch fish, unlike several of you who do nothing but criticise. i have been on this site regularly for several years and i have not seen anything positive from some of you, especially the beak orwhatever you call yourself. grow up!

Also Allouette Lake is very deep. There are endless numbers of fish in there. Taking 4 one day means nothing. Happy fishing.

Enjoy your fish!

As I recal the original saying was "90% of fish are caught by 10% of fisherman". You have to catch a fish in order to eat it, therefore you can say "90% of fish are eaten by 10% of fisherman".

I hope it's nice Sunday !!! Lookout Kokes
trout dog

"Meat fisherman?" What an ironic comment from someone who's handle is "Straight off the Res" Why does he keep them?? - Because he can, because it's his right as a Canadian citizen, because he enjoys the sport, etc,etc,etc! You people with your negative comments really need to get a life, and get over it with the jealousy thing, GROW UP!
trout dog

Oh I will, in the reflection of the water as I am reeling in the fish that I intend to keep.

at least jimmy sees the problem too. self righteous old timers who think they can take take take ruin it for the rest of us. the sooner they are gone the better our fisheries will be for us.
fly fisher

beak we have the right to keep our quota and we will keep our quota if we want to it is a matter of preference.

hey beaker quit your whining go fishing and post some pics, fish on mr.grey

In the first pic in this thread, I see a pink/green flasher - do you put your wedding band out behind that? and do you use any weight to get it down?
Nice fish... can't wait for the weekend...

Yumm. Now heres a fisherman who has the experience and knowledge to actually catch his legally given limit, cook em up and enjoy them and you guys wanna smack talk him?

It smells like jealously.

Fishing forum > The Beauty of Allouette Lake..


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