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one of the best tasting fish i've had to eat, i found a flasher with a wedding band works pretty good, if you do end up gettin one on the line stick the the same area as they school up in pretty good numbers most places and if you've found them there will always be more to have. Bridge lake does have some larger ones for sure but since they introduced C&R for all lake trout it's a little touher to hunt them down without gettin a laker.

they are a red meat not sure bout how much oilier they are... i do love my rainbows as well but the kok's give them a run for their money anyday of the week.

last time i was at buntzen i got a lil kok and i mean little heh heh. alouette lake has been good to me as far as kokanee fishing goes, they average about 12 inches but are very abundant there. hoping buntzen will start flourishing with bigger sizes. Again if you do find them you'll be into them all day long they love to school.

I've fished them for the last 3 years in Kawkawa Lake (Hope), with some success. I've found that by far the deadliest lure for them is a hildebrandt, either flatlined or a little deeper, depending on the time of year and water tempurature. They scrap like no other for their size, and over 60% of lost Kokes occur within 10 feet of the boat as they put up an unbelievable thrashing bid for freedom once they see that net.
Never caught one over 14.5 inches but they taste spectacular.

The Hildebrandt is a feat of engineering. It's inventor should be made a saint and one should need a 'Hildebrandt Usage Tag' on their licence, it's just that effective, the Doc Spratley of lures in my opinion, and not just for Kokes. If you don't happen to pick a few up they sell them in Hope at the local sporting goods store (Cheyenne Sports). I have experimented in modifying them with fluorescent pink tape on one side and have had better success.

Drive time from Abby would be around 70-80 mins


What kind of Hildebrandt are you referring to? Can you post a link to a pic?

kokanee are sockeye, they just dont leave the lake

Fishing forum > Crash Course - Kokanee


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