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look at the Dragonfly LA...nice smooth drag...around 70-90 ..I have for me rather well..)

4th reel down

fisher 696

If u intend to fish a fair bit then an investment in decent gear is a good idea. Don't go for the best nor should u go for the cheapest. Invest in decent gear and take care of it. No dropping it in the sand etc. and it should last for years.
moose hunter

I got a FENWICK fly reel $60-80 have had it for five years now no problems I grease it onece a year and use the hell out of it. for under a $100 you should be able to get a reel that will last for a years with a bit of TLC.

it really dosent matter for the fly reel . the main purpose is just to hold your line . the more money you spend the nicer the reel will look but thats about all . i think the minimum sages go for 99$ . those will last

For me the most important feature on a reel is the drag.

I own a dragon fly reel and love it. Price was right, around $80 or last time I checked anyway. An excellent middle of the road reel for sure. I have had it for 4 - 5 years now and still works like new.

PS. Last year I treated myself to a new Sage 2000 series reel. Cost about $200 and I absolutely love it. Did I need to spend that much money? no not really. I had some extra cash and thought what the hell.
Kimberley lodge

I've spent the last few months fishing in Europe and picked up a Genwair Whisper reel while there. Genwair are a Welsh Company that only manufacture fly fishing equipment, Man this is the NICEST reel. I love fishing light weight and this reel is really light. It's made from aircraft grade bar stock aluminium and has an amazing drag system that would stop a horse! This is a great reel it was not cheap costing £160 UK but it does perform and is covered by the worldwide Genwair Lifetime Guarantee. Not sure where you could get one here but I am sure your local fly shop could get one for you

Fishing forum > Fly Reel Tips


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