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Anyone have a boat to sell. Looking for 16-18ft suitable for fishing, fixer OK. South Okanagan area preferred. ANy suggestions from the more experienced?

The way the $$ is you might want to look across the boarder in Oroville? Check Craigslist. Lund or Springcraft are a great boat. How much are you looking to spend? There is a used 16ft on a trailer in Lavington at the RV place.

Thanks for the tip, much less expensive down south. I'm looking to pay around $3000, much more to choose from, but I guess I'll have tax and registration fees to cross the border.

I can't remeber who it was on this board but one of the guys on here bought a boat in the spring down south and said it was quite easy to do. Try searing through the post or maybe they will see this posting and be able to fill yo in.

I think there are also some requirements regarding the trailer, something about needing papers or an inspection at Canadian tire?

Good luck and post about how it works out, I've been going to the boat show every year at BC Place. Itching to get one of my own.
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one of my boss's purchased a boat down south and he got a steal i think is a 99 19ft bayliner he got for 17000 which is unheard of in this area
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I have 2 buddies that bought boats down south for @ 10 cents on the of them got a $100 000.00 offshore race boat for 10 000....the deals are around...and call or talk to the border and customs ahead of time to be aware of the needed legalities....this will help you to avoid leaving your new purchase in the impound yard at the border...there are decals and stickers that MUST be readable and intact or the trailer doesn't cross. You can take the boat but not the trailer which obviously isn't much help. So be educated, if you can invest thousands in a purchase, you can invest a few minutes to make some calls..

havent been here for a while . but i bought the lund in washington last year. if your buying a boat in the usa you have to get the title , pay taxes (i think if made in northamerica its one tax) . If you get a trailer you get the title , pay taxes , get inspection form 1 from border and get inspection form 2 that day or wait in mail . with inspection form 2 go to canadian tire to get the inspection done(costs 209$) once its done your allowed to insure the trailer. my trailer was made for a 12footer and was about 70$ for the year.

Again thanks to all for the info. I wonder if I could persuade someone to bring the boat to me in Canada and complete the transaction here.

I've checked both sites and also ebay. Prices are a lot lower in US. I think I am being encouraged to go south. Thank you

Just to close this one off. I decided that at my budget any advantage in shopping down south would be wiped out by travel expence and time. I ended up with a 1979 Sangster 18ft boat. It was quite inexpensive so I have some budget in hand to make repairs. I missed the fact that the engine had not been winterised. It was frozen up but I have managed to unfreeze it and drain it. The Mercruiser 120hp may need some attention........!!

Thanks for all the advice given, perhaps when I upgrade...

Fishing forum > Looking for a boat


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