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Hey, does has anyone here every heard off a Mac's Squid Salmon Plug??? and if you have do you know if they still make them????

i believe they were bought out by atomic lures. they would work good at horsefly lk i suspect!

Mac's squid salmon plugs haven't been made for about 15 years (not sure actual years) I still have a couple left from my years fishing on Shuswap Lake. They are great Lake trout and lg Rainbow trout lures. To use them now you have to remove the 2 treble hooks and add a large barbless single. I personally think that you get a better hook set with the single anyway. You can sometimes find Mac's on Ebay for about $20.00

$20. wow. i have a bunch of them in all different colours . anyone interested let me know. they are a great lure. used to use them on okanagan lk for big rainbow . big flatfish worked well too. i have lots of them as well if interested. i never use them and would listen to reasonable offers, less then $20 !!

How many do you have, what colours and how much ?
The $20.00 on ebay was for new macs still in original box.

How many do you have, what colours and how much ?
The $20.00 on ebay was for new macs still in original box.

i guessed that!
i'd have to check but i think i have green, blue, pink, black, white and ?

i should add, if you are interested, i'd much rather see them in a tackle bos where they were being used. if someone would like them the price would be reasonble!

how many do you got??? and are they all diffrent sizes???
im thinking maybe a couple but are they good condition???
you should put some pics up

Name your $$. They would get used without doubt either by my self or breathinginSulher Do you have any witchdoctor plugs also? I haven't seen them in a few years either.

i'll haul out my box and have a look. i might even have a couple of witchdoctors too.

kay, i'll take 3 at maybe 15 to 20 bucks???, but do u have 1 thats got Black on the top, green on the rest with black dots??? if you do thats gonna be one of them

i found my box. i have 9 mac squids. one is green with spots but the others are more "standard" macs.
the "main" colour is on top then they sort of blend to the bottom which is more of a white colour. i have blue, green, pink, black and silver .
what do i want for them? $7.50 each? they are in good shape. i have several other plugs, such as big flat fish?
where do you live? i live near chase. if you are interested maybe we can cross paths sometime and you can take it all for a reasonable $. $100 would take em all!might be in 100 mile house soon.

oh uhm Ill have to talk to my grandpa cause hes the one who wants them heres my email,

If you don,t hook up with Breathingin Sulpher I'll buy all of them. I live in Merritt these days and Chase is only a couple of hours away

Was snooping ebay for Mac's Squids and found this forum. I am interested in purchasing several Mac's Squid plugs. They are my favorite for large Rainbow and Bull Trout on Kootenay and Arrow Lakes. Unfortunately both my buddy and I lost our "Green Backs" this year. I live in Nelson.

sorry to be so slow responding, been too busy.
the offer from merrit ia the easiest for me. my email address is
whoever is going to be near chase can have them. i would meet whomever in kamloops sometime.

Hey cagey I can be in kamloops between dec5 thru 8th I can be reached at

I just happened to come across this post
I was wondering if you still have the Macs Squid plugs and if you do how much do you want for them, for one/for all


brian Cutting

sorry, gone.

I've heard of the squid. I have 3 in the original boxes...

I have a witch doctor which is blue. I also have mac squids and tomic lures

Is your macs in the box for sale?

Fishing forum > Mac's Squid Salmon Plug????


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