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Great fishing
2 Big Wild Coho today 7lb and 10lb
Eat the rich

you have some good luck man.. i've been fishing for weeks and nothin ahaha

#2 Silver Blue Fox
Yeah man This year as bin the best fishing I'v had in a long time..
You must live S/Surrey White rock area Eh?

hey Antics why did you edit out ur post on the other thread with out answering ???
you were saying cause sorry cause u were making it sound like some one was wrong we are here to learn so id just like to know who you were talking too
personally i think you thought what i said was wrong until you realized i wasn't even talking about the same river
so then you edited it out ,is that what happened ?
no worries though
awesome you got into some coho`s
Ive never been to that river i tend to try and stay out of the city to fish if i can

Their was 2 conversations going in that forum.I realize I made a mistake so I took my comment off.
I apologized if you took it personily!!!

no i didn't bro i sensed a mis understanding that s all
i look at all fisherman as friends bro
just wanted to clear it up or maybe i was wrong right and could learn something
but knew we were talking different systems so thought id asked
well anyways you heading out for more coho today? catching them can be addicting lol
Eat the rich

no I live in abbotsford but i go to kwantlen in cloverdale so its convienent i picked up a blue fox #2 but it has a red blade on it is that what you use? i couldnt find any with a silver blade

Sliver or brass is


killer fisher

did u put any weight on the line ??? so a silver bell and silver or brass blade

no weight and 8lb to 10lb test line(fire line)
very slow retreive
10min walk from king G hwy on the north side of river
there's a nice hole at low tide.
killer fisher

ya i went fishing on the serpentine on 168st and the was some big fishing swimming there biggest one i saw must of weighed 10-12 lb

Yeah there some big Spring still in there too I saw 30 and 40lber at king g hwy at the flood locks
killer fisher

someone told me there is some chum going to be coming up the river ??
killer fisher

ya i can see them all swimming. are they still fish and has a nicce colour to them
killer fisher

fresh*, i was using a neon yellow colrado blade with some beeds under the blade. they did come to it but none tryed to grab it

Fishing forum > Serpentine river


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