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Author Topic: I need Help with precise directions in finding Kump Lake

I will be driving from Merrit coming from Vancouver. It is going to be night arround 9 -10 pm and I need to know how to find Kump lale. I now How to get to Merrit and then drive towards Princeton. I know I have to pass Aspen Grove, and have to get to AP Guest Ranch however after that I am lost.
Can you please help me with detailed map or instructions etc. Will be eternally gratefull.
Thank you all for any help



phone ron at the princeton outdoor store
sorry dont have the number
He sent me in there 6 years

The Merritt Forest Recreation Map seems to show the route in as being pretty straight forward.When are you leaving?

Just go into the trip planner on this web site, and scroll down to Princeton and click on Kump Lake. Now click on the getting there tab and play around with the map for size and scope and print it off. Your looking for the Fire Mountain forest service road which goes west off of the highway, between Gladstone lake and Loosemere Lake. I was able to print off a pretty good map! Hope this helps

tight lines

continue straight on fire mt. f.s.r. at 2 km. follow signs. branch road to south rough 4x4

unfortunately the maps are divided right here and need 2 maps. the branch road around the north part of lake not shown.

the next map

Gentleman, thank you very much for the detailed answer. I will leave for Kump Lake in 2 weeks. Will remember your kindness and effort. I will try for some Muledeer there in the area.
Thank you again

Fishing forum > I need Help with precise directions in finding Kump Lake


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