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there was an organ???

he does clean up. so do i and many others. the idiot pigs that litter are not fishermen. although i must have picked up a mile of old line this year that was left by people who like to call themselves fishermen. alleyne lake boat launch area was bad. the boat launch area of chilliwack lake has a zillion bucks worth of empties too deep to get at. on a 16 km. hike up to radium lake and back i filled a grocery bag with trash. in the middle of nowhere up a mountain! (no fish in radium lake)
fisher 696

It looks to me as though it got tossed off the bridge and came to rest there. I/we pulled a lot of stuff out of the Vedder. It seems to be the worst around the bridge....

For all of u bad mouthing others for not cleaning up the organ etc. I look forward to seeing your self-righteous asses out on the 27th.

Some east indian people in newton are pretty stupid, I live by the actual Bear Creek on 140th and I like riding my bike down there and just watching the little salmon fry and to clean it up a little. And I don't know how many times I've been there and the stop on the bridge get out of there car and dump some food or something in it and they just through it over then they put they fricken bag in the water then they see me cleaning it up and they just look at me stupidly and then I always get in a screaming match with them then they just hope in there car and drive away, doesn't help they can't understand what the f**k i'm saying (most of the time). I get a little mad....

Fisherman do lesve trash......I was at the Little Campbell in White Rock last weekend and I picked up 12 empty containers of Dew Worms...CLEAN UP WHAT YOU MESS UP!!!!

if it was this easy in real life i could clean the whole world
Eat the rich

yea the little campbell is terrible i've been there every couple of days for the last 2 weeks and i've picked up tons of crap!

Fishing forum > Fun on the Vedder continues..


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