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Yeah thats what i said, its gettin kinda sad the way people add 3 pounds to the fish they caught, I can tell you for sure mr grey that trout on top is only about 2 lbs and the one you said thats 7 is probably like 3 or 4

What is even more sad is the way you seem to have extreme difficulty in distinguishing between the "post new topic" and the "post reply" button. I'll give you a hint: when you wish to respond to something somebody has already posted, you hit the "post reply" button. If you have something informative or of use to the sharphooks community you would like to share, then use the "post new topic" button which you are so fond of. Hope this helps!

Thanks smartass but if it werent for the forums shitty design this problem wouldnt happen

no need to exaggerate when you have photoshop

let's see you make a better forum then.

cleo, that was awesome - I saw a 'shopped pic a while back, and it scared the hell out of me. Made me a bit leery of getting into the float tube....
fisher 696

I will have to disagree with matter what the forums design....yer still going to struggle to grasp simple concepts...we all seem to show up here and crap on others....we don't need it...grow up...

next project pic dog teeth in rainbow trout mouth and LouSiFer at kentucky lake

Louuuuu! the fish was this big lol

hey guys,just on my way back from work in peru.home to the okanagan.really is it worth squabbling over the "said size of a fish"??.we need to get back to the basics and use this site to promote the joy of fishing and responsible angler ethics to those new to the daughters both love to fish even if we catch nothing.instead of harping on others over about saying nice fish to those who caught it.lets work together to turn this site into one that is useful and informative instead of the verbal sparring matches i see all too frequently.tight lines to all!!

trolls are everywhere on internet forums. i usually ignore them. breathing in sulphur says "lets see you make this a better forum". if i could delete and block the trolls i would, but i don't work for free. by being polite, friendly,good humoured and helpful when possible i am making this a better forum. also by filing reports and posting pics i try to make this a better forum. so do most others here.the odd idiot troll will not ruin my day.

breathing in sulphur has been here a month. no reports. no photos. yet he wants me to make this a better forum ? i already have, by filing 6 reports and posting over 30 pics with more of both to come.

dude I never said that that everlast guy said that this forum sucked then I said lets see you make a better one to everlast not you man. And my name is based from a Slipknot song.

ya. sorry. though i probably could try to photoshop improvements to the forum. lol new thread?

Fishing forum > Yeah thats what i said, its gettin kinda sad the w...


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Mill Lake
Fishing: Moderate
Catch: 2 Rainbow Trout
Sun, Apr 15, 2018
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Mon, Sep 11, 2017