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Anyone fish here? Or due to being on a paved road, heavy fishing pressure & better to go elsewhere?

thanks in advance

On my radar, do you fish there a lot?

From that area?

other suggestions? I also looked at Bouleau Lk

Like to ATV in the morning & fish in the afternoon

If I were you fish in the morning, atv from like 12-5 then go back fishing.

bouleau lk has lots of little trout and lots of place to quad. not sure if the terrace mnt fire reached there but it was probably close. there are logging roads which start
at monte lk as well which provides a good start for quadding.
good luck either place!

If your goin to monte i recomend you take the extra 15 minutes to get up to campbell and scuitto buddy grabbed a 9lb rainbow outta there last week and all the fish are pretty much a pound or bigger(Tons of quad and dirtbike trails up there too)

Fishing forum > Monte lake


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