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Author Topic: What kind of fish are these?

I have looked online, and asked around to what these are and most seem to say whitefish. Any ideas please.
Eat the rich

it's a white fish for sure

I think a Northern Pike Minnow aka Squawfish as no adipose fin.

yup its a northern pikeminnow

It's a fish with a hook in its mouth and bait sticking out of the side. LOL kidding uhm Iunno what it is if I caught something that I didn't know what it was I would just release it.

People like mr grey is the reason there should be a test before you get a fishing license. Fish identification should be part of it, and any idiot that thinks there are bad fish is living in the dark ages. All fish have a place in nature including the hated squawfish, the reason there is a derby at Cultas lake is because humans have screwed up the environment that Cultas lake sockeye require. Commercial overfishing, degradation of spawning habitat etc.

psycho is a peice of garbage hes a degenerate that eats squawfish what a peice of garbage should bash him off the boat motor like the squaws

Come on.

This isn't a place to be name-calling.

I always understood.. and appreciated, that this was a place where anyone could come and contribute positively to the board.

Enjoy. Peace-Out.

and if your gonna name call where not in grade.4 anymore use real names.
Sons of Angling

i believe it is a northern pikeminnow aka squafish i catch quite a few in vasaux lake

sorry grey, those 2 pics are of the same species.

looks like northern pikeminnow.

Northern Pikeminnow:

Peamouth Chub:

Fishing forum > What kind of fish are these?


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